Rain Rain + Why You Can't Be My Husband

It has been raining on and off here in Houston,
so I have not gotten a chance to get any good style snapshots,
hopefully this coming week we will get some sun.
Until then, you get my signature selfies!


Why You Can't Be My Husband

I'm not sure exactly what I want but, I know what I do not want...
Here is a list: 

  • You do not invite me to places outside your home - No explanation necessary.
  • You do not give me my space - We are individuals, I will already have things in place that I must tend to without you. Don't be disgruntled about it.
  • You are controlling - We both have thoughts and opinions, be open to mine as I am open to yours....listen.
  • My friends MUST be your friends - You will meet all my friends in due time but, we do not always have to all hang together.
  • You text me one word messages - "Wyd" "Hey" << No, I need you to put thought in what you message me with full sentences and punctuation, unless our connection has graduated to a level of comfort where I understand the use of simple texts.
  • You are needy - I will cater to the one I am involved with but, I will not be at his every beckoned call. If you knew how to take care of yourself before me, then the benefit of me is to assist, not to assume all your needs.
  • You talk about yourself in every conversation we have - It is one thing to be confident but, it is another thing to boast about yourself in attempts to convince me to think of you more seriously. It is best to be humble and allow me to learn you authentically.
  • You think, act, and dress like a child - I should not have to explain this one.
  • You have 'situationshps' with other women - Until you clear yourself of this and the women understand you are only focusing on a future with me, then we can only just remain friends.
  • Your truth is not your real truth - You can tell me anything, I have no reason not to believe you until you give me a reason, just do not sugar coat anything for me about who you are.
  • You do not know how to be around children - If my kids don't like you, neither do I.
  • You are not personable - I am social, if we are out, you cannot be on the wall.
  • You do not know how to handle my stubbornness - If you run or rebel, you lose.
  • You do not plan for ANYTHING - I am a planner, especially when it comes to events, surprises, trips, night outs, etc. I do not want to have to do this all the time.
  • You are not money conscious - I work hard to maintain financial stability, you will not hinder that for me or expect me to finance BOTH our lives.
  • You cannot cook - I cook, you should to...p.s.- have you checked out my food page on IG? See here.  
  • You do not understand my wayward humor - I say things that may be inappropriate just for laughs, if you take offense, then you will never understand me.
  • You do not make me laugh - You need to be fun to be around.
  • You are not interested in some of the things I like - I read, I drink wine, I listen to jazz and soul music, I travel outside the country, you do not have to like the same things but, at least take interest in it for my sake. We are not going to talk about only the things you like....if you have never or do not want to travel abroad, I'm not sure if we can even be friends.
  • You do not have strong faiths or you do not pray - I attend church, I need you to at least lead most of your life in HIS direction.
  • You were not my friend first - The foundation starts here, don't try to skip over this.
Hey, I have my standards, I refuse to relationship hop or just accept any kind of man in my life.

P.S. - My business number is NOT a dating hotline. I will not respond to such calls.


Anonymous said…
That's a long list Ms. Raya. but at least you know what you what, or at least what you don't want. lol. And you look very nice in glasses.
LS said…
LMBO!! Love it!

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