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I want to mention that being someone's wife is not my sole purpose in life, it is just a part of my life that gains the most interest among friends and family so I makes sense to discuss those topics here. 

I know that I do not want to be a wife that my husband cannot be proud of.  I avoid certain situations, invites, topics, and connections with some people because I know it may play a part of how my future husband could perceive me.  I still enjoy my time and make new friends, I am just very careful of how close I get with particular people...No one will approach my groom and tell him scandalized stories of me but, of course there will always be bitter people who have nothing but foul things to say, I pray for these souls... 

And not all connections are perfect, of course I will have disagreements with my spouse but, I still want to have fun with him.  I do not want to just love him but, also "like" him; like to be around him, like to have meaningless conversations with him, like to see him, like to date him, like to stare at him and make faces at him, like to throw popcorn at him from behind the couch... and like to be good to him...because he is good to me and we genuinely admire each other.

Also, I am never ashamed to admit that I was raised spoiled, so I do expect my husband to understand that saying "No" to me does not process well and I can become very hard to deal with when I hear "No" BUT, in all fairness, I will not to request anything impossible.

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Anonymous said…
You looked just fine before. And I understand you wanting to preserve your image for your husband, what about the guy you mention every now and then. Wouldn't anything you do or say with him effect your future marriage? Or is he no longer in the picture?
Raya L. said…
Thank you for reading my posts.

My friend is still very much in my life. Every he is doing and not doing is just how I need him to be. The distance between us does not validate the connection and understanding we share for one another.

If I were to find a husband or he a wife, I believe we are at a level of comfort to wish one another well without ill feelings. And he knows my thoughts about these matters.

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