Goodbye 2015

So it's a final wrap up of 2015.  Hope you have a memorable year! 
As I look through my posts from this year....I guess I can say my 2015 was pretty AMAZING!

*See HERE for my 2014 End of Year Post. 

I now have a 10 and 5 year old whom are intersecting more and more into my life.  My title at work keeps allowing me to grow and climb ladders in the corporate world.  This website has engaged more of you and I LOVE IT! My financial house has improved tremendously and I am starting to invest in the new year.  I am getting better with my diet and exercise although, turning down pork chops and fatty snacks is still tough for me.  I have made valuable friendships and connected even closer with the ones I made previous years.  Many of the friends around me are getting engaged, married, or celebrating being single.  While I enjoy the single life, I still subconsciously am preparing for my future husband...even though some of the men I have come across this year have, above it all, I had a great year! Oh AND....I finally got my sister to come to church!  Well, only for the Christmas Eve service but, still a huge triumph!

Do I have any goals for 2016?
Of course, continuing to build my brand and...

Educate myself even further.
Plus, I recently had a dream that I obtained one of my major goals.  Now, I am not much of a dream interpreter; I did do some research on how dreams reveal un-surfaced wants, needs, fears, and future insights but, I do not want to discuss too much of my dream just in case it is a matter of time before it becomes real.  I will just mention this, I am most likely a lot closer to my goals than what I think right now. 

I am not sure who came up with this or if it is just an unspoken common thought but, I am definitely going to start this Money Challenge this week and by next Christmas, maybe my children can get some extra cruise? We shall see.

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*Lesson learned: I used to see a guy who felt that I was obligated to pay for his expenses.  He would try to guilt me and make me feel like I was a horrible person for not being more willing to help him out of HIS problems. (He was the kind of man who was used to women doing everything for him because of his looks, don't get me wrong, this man is 6'6 and gorgeous, well, the last time I saw him he was still good looking, not sure about now.  So, I have accepted my faults for being superficial...It's safe to say my communication with him did not last long and I stopped answering his calls.  My bank has been smiling ever since.

See you in 2016!


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