Son + Spanglish Lesson

Happy 5th Birthday to my Son!

I was expecting you 
Months before we knew of you
I already chose your name
Because you are our Guardian
I stayed up with you
Early days and late nights
We listened to Mozart
And the Commodores
We had long conversations
About the world
About Atlantis
About the Heavens
You adore your sister
Love to snuggle with her
You used to pull her hair as a baby
She was annoyed by it
She would stay far from your reach
Now she makes you eggs each time you ask
And she tucks you in for bed
As I look around my floor
I see the remains of your imagination
Legos, cars, tablet, change, blankets, snacks
I know
I feel
You will be a great man
Because you are an amazing boy
We celebrate you today
My son
My love
My life
My Gabriel ♡

Birthday kisses and wishes.

Spanglish Lesson

If you have not seen this movie yet, YOU MUST!  It is not the usual Adam Sandler comedy (Sandler is actually quit refreshing in this move as a successful chef and doting father and husband.)  The movie is more so about a mildly dysfunctional family who goes through the mediocrity of wealthy living mixed in with a Mexican immigrant and her bright eyed daughter who identifies conflicts about odd American ways.

Anyway, I am not going to review the whole move, it is on regular television often and I have watched it over 10 times by now.  No, I just will mention the part that recently caught my attention the most.  There is a scene when the mother-in-law warns the wife about her extra marital affair.  She tells her daughter, 
"You are going to lose your husband if you do not stop what you are doing. And you will never find someone as good. There will only be men who you know are cheap and shallow and have no real warmth in their souls. You may have gotten by on their surfaces once but, you have been spoiled by a good man. If you do not act quickly, you soon cement an awful fate for yourself ...a life with no hope of repair..."

The idea of someone else identifying your self destruction and calling you out on it is... humane and chivalrous.  We make decisions everyday that design the blue print of our futures.  Are you making the right decision for the longevity of your heart or are you just satisfying it for the moment?


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