The Dream + The Difference

As many times as I have changed directions in life, my dreams and aspirations always remain the same; comfort and stability.  Simple...maybe.  To obtain these 'luxuries' one must continue to be consistent and disciplined.  Consistent to our evolution and disciplined to our future.  Do not stray from your morals or forget your lessons.  Your choices will vary and your teachers will not always take the same form.  Do not fall into the trap of the same experiences in hopes of a different result.  There is no true prediction of any outcome but, what you can be sure of is...yourself, don't fail that person.

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The Difference

Many of us go through different relationships.  Sometimes those whom we decide to become more comfortable with meet our friends and family; and our loved ones end up liking our chosen person...happens all the time...BUT, we must understand there is a difference between the connection this person has with our loved ones verses the relationship this person has with us. 

Example: Mary and John have been dating for several months. John introduced Mary to his parents and they love her but, somewhere down the line John and Mary do not work out and John meets Lisa.  John's parents do not like Lisa as much as they like Mary but, John proposes to Lisa.

The thoughts of your friends and family may have a small involvement of who you chose to be with but, in actuality, YOU are the one in the relationship with a person, your connections with someone run a bit more deeper than his/her connection with your family...I could be seeing someone and his family can love me dearly but, that does not mean he will choose ME as his wife.  There may be things about me that he notices which his family does not see that make him not want to marry me...We cannot compare ourselves to someone our ex has chosen to be with.  Just accept that the two of you do not have the same connection as he/she may have with this new person.

Just remember, always, ALWAYS, be presentable when meeting his family and friends and NEVER be someone you are not, they can see right through the bullsh*t.

I cannot wait until my kids bring home someone for me to meet....


Anonymous said…
That is an AMAAAAZZZZZIIIINNNNGGGG picture Ms. Raya! I really like your website. You have good insight on relative topics.

I do have a question, the mystry man in your life, he is surly someone you seem to have a good bond with, will we ever know who this man is? I have read a few of your posts and get the sense you like to remain private about that part but it would be nice give a little more detail to your readers about your status. Right now is seems somewhat ambiguous.
Raya L. said…
Thank you for reading my posts!

As far as the relationship between my friend and I, I still like to remain private about it. I do have a connection with him that is different from any other connections I have with others and he has been made aware of this. The ambiguity of our friendship is very relevant to our current schedules and lives. The reasons are not to intentionally keep people in the dark, it is more so in respect of our personal 'space', for lack of a better term.

I have stated this in the very beginning when I met him and I continue to state the same currently: I do not know how far our level of connection will reach but, I respect his time as much as he respects mine. By certain defaults, we are still relatively 'new" to one another and neither one of us are in any rush to force anything upon each other.

The details of our friendship may be taboo for others to understand but, we all have to identify that my connection with him and his connection with me is not for everyone to understand, in which case there is really not much sense to reveal who he is at this point in time. One day, maybe but, not now.
Anonymous said…
I can respect that Ms. Raya. I hope this man knows how lucky he is to have someone like you in his life. Best regards.
KappaPsi said…
It is a damn shame how beautiful you are. Bama is a fool if he ain't hold on to you tight.

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