May 25, 2015

Hello 30!

So here are some pictures from my birthday weekend!

My friend and I share the same birthday.

There was silliness. 

I ate what I wanted.

We bought wine.

I posed. I drank.

We had sushi.

More posing.

More drinking.

I wore pink.

The cake was pink.

Many photos. (Many not revealed.)

Girls. Girls. Girls. Girls.

....and there was some music involved.

^^^ Yup, just like this. ^^^

Came home and had brunch with the Houstonians! 

More drinking. More eating.


And that's a wrap......for now.

Those who know me well, know that I was not actually born on the date stated on my birth certificate. I celebrate under ‪‎Gemini‬ but I am a true ‪‎Taurus‬I've come across many obstacles in the last 29 years and I've learned so much of myself and how to interact and relate to those around me. I am not void of change and know that in continuing my growth I must be open to a diverse realm of possibilities. I've learned that smiling and sharing your laughter is the best way to connect hearts. I love and loved those who've come and gone and those who plan to stay with me throughout my journey.  
Thank you so much for all the love! I am definitely enjoyed myself and ready for what my 30's bring! Moving to Houston 3 years ago was a blessing. I've grown so much in this time and I am grateful to meet people from all walks of life embrace me with such positivity. It is not often that you can connect with people who only wish you the best and think highly of you in such a short period of time and it is even more rare that those people who have started with you in the beginning still remain dedicated to your heart. However our lives continue on, I pray all of you find and receive the greatest blessings best suited for you. 
Many hugs and kisses! ♡

May 10, 2015

Mommy + Daughter

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers and single Fathers! You are awesome!
We make sacrifices, our efforts sometimes gets over looked, we wake up early and stay up even later, we juggle work, home, appointments, meetings, deadlines, homework, reports, projects, friends, lovers, dinner, holidays, gatherings, all to make the best decisions for our family. Our strength and our value is known, if you don't know it, look in the mirror and tell yourself "I am GREAT!"

Top: Upscale Boutique (Woodlands, TX)
Skirt: H&M
Accessories including hat: Sam Moon
Shoes: BCBG

My first born, Vanessa Mae, was born only 2 days after mother's day in 2005.  I remember I was working at H&M at Concord Mall at the time on Mother's Day and I had to sit during the last few hours of my shift because it was getting too uncomfortable for me to stand. She was moving constantly in my belly that day, I knew Vanessa would be making her debut very soon. Now, every few years when her birthday falls on Mother's Day, she gets to call the shots. 

After Sunday service, she wanted to have lunch at one of her favorite restaurants, Uni Sushi in The Woodlands, TX. (Other posts about this restaurant: Here, here, and here. Yeah, we like this place a bit.)

 Afterwards, I promised her a new television for her room, so we headed over to Bust Buy and picked up a suitable 32" for a 10 year old.

Then the kids decided they wanted something sweet.  We stopped at Menchie's for some frozen yogurt.....mmmmmmm.

And of course their Poppop allowed them to go swimming.

Now time for cake!

Vanessa Mae Gray: Age 10

May 8, 2015

Hair + You Want Me? Say Hi.

Complete outfit from Upscale Boutique.

Some people have been asking me about how I keep my hair looking healthy.  I simply wash my hair every other day or every two days.  When I shampoo, I only shampoo closer to the scalp and the rest of my hair is washed through with conditioner.  I either let my hair dry on its own and then flat iron it or blow dry it after I wash and no flat iron.  I do not continue any use of heat tools until after I wash my hair again.  I drink lots of water throughout my day.  Every now and then I pamper my ends with coconut oil and that is basically all I do as far as hair regiments go. 


You Want Me? Say Hi.

People always presume that when I am out with friends, I am always being approached...when the reality is, 98% of the time I'm like, "Where dey at doe?"

I've gone through this many times over with friends and associates; I WILL NOT APPROACH A MAN.  I do believe I make myself seem approachable, I am not stand-offish, not snobby, or stuck-up.  When I am out, I enjoy my time and it is very evident in my smile and laughter.  I am pleasant, if you say Hi, I will return the gesture.  It does not have to go into a long conversation about dating, relationship, love affairs, whatever.  It can be a simple introduction with basic information and we see where it goes.  Also, meeting people is great for networking.  You can possibly come across someone who can elevate your professional life with their connections but, even still, I will not approach a man.  Nope, won't do it.  Not for me.

If we are in a setting where we share the same mutual friends, then it is not taboo for me to drum up a conversation but, if we came with separate groups and we keep making eye contact and you do not approach me, then no love lost.  If I have to approach you, then YOU sir are cooking dinner for the rest of our lives together!

In my opinion, how you meet a man or woman sets the tone of how the relationship may come to be.  I should not have to make the decision for you to be interested in me or to get to know me.  You are the man, you make the first move.  I am very traditional in that sense.  I need a man to know what he wants and if he wants me, then he will make the effort to know me regardless if we become a couple, just friends, or nothing at all. Again, I. WILL. NOT. APPROACH. YOU.  At most, I will look you way, smile and if you do not act on that, then you lost the opportunity.

Like in my last post (Class + Style) the man approached me and we had a great time together thereafter.  I do not know if age played a factor, for this man is in his very early 40's.  So maybe it would not have been an issue if I disregarded him or maybe he has approached women enough to know what works.  We have been keeping contact since we met but, it is nothing short of a new friendship.  And do not fear being considered a friend, the best relationships are when the two are friends first.  Hey, I could be friends with my future husband right now, who knows how life will work out.  Just do not miss the chance to know me.