August 31, 2015

Contrasting + Mia's Closet + Myoa Music

Dress: eBay
Necklace: Bevello
Shoes: Guess
Bow Belt: *I took it off another dress of mine. 

I was playing with the lighting and contrast features on my phone.
My legs really don't look this good but, I'll just say they do for now.

Mia's Closet
A young lady by the name of Chelsea Coffey whom is the founder of non-profit organization called, Mia's Closet, had a community event on Saturday, August 29, 2015.  Volunteers and supporters came out to the Baker-Ripley Neighborhood center to donate clothing and their time for children in the community.  It was a great turnout and I was humbled to be a part of it. 

There were fun activities for the kids such as, face painting, tug-of-war, jump rope, etc.

Tables and racks were marked with ages, gender and size for parents to pick from.

My friend, Melissa and I, donated a few bags of clothing, water, and polish for the girls.

Myoa Music
Later that night, we got together with a few other friends at The Tasting Room in Uptown Park and enjoyed the beautiful art of Myao.  Her voice is heavenly! (I originally went to the wrong location...I went to the CityCentre location and was given a confused look when I asked what time the show would be starting...smh..."Reading is fundamental Raya")

August 28, 2015

Queen of Hearts + The Rise and Fall

This dress is just perfect. It fits me perfectly and it thin enough for those hot Texas days but, not so thin that it is see-through...well, in the direct sunlight you can see the shadows of my frame but, still leaves just enough mystery.

Dress: eBay
Earrings: Sam Moon

I LOVE the design of this dress. The neckline assimilates a royal essence. 

The Rise and Fall

...of a Empire..Heart

How do you control your emotions?...I still have yet to find the answer to this...Even though I hide what I feel and internalize my affections very still pierces my heart when an unexpected dagger hits it.

I know many people can relate but, have yet to admit it...I am not as strong as I make myself out to be...I turn my head to hide the tears and turn back around with a smile...I'm fine.  The truth is, I am afraid.  There is no other way to explain it.  I am afraid of becoming so attached to someone that I put all my hopes and efforts in them just to be left alone again.  I am afraid that if I let someone close to me and it does not work out, then my time spent was wasted when I could have been focusing productive.

Ideally, I understand we must take risks on matters of the heart and if the love the goes, then it is not a lose but, an experience gained and memories captured.

Even though I have set aside interest of meeting men for purpose of a budding love affair, I am still open to building connections with people I already know or may still come across.  I will still continue to meet people, that is a part of life and with being single, meeting people may occur more often than not.  
(Interruption: I find myself being lightly patronizing  when speaking to certain people and I begin to feel uninterested to further engage in discourse with these people who have irritated me or have proven to be....idiots.  My body language and my tone relay a "You are beneath me" attitude.  Although, I know this is not a great characteristic of mine....but some people are just beyond positive thoughts.)
Back to the topic: ...Yet, how they continue to know me will be dependent on how I perceive them and how they perceive me...I am still sticking to my guns about needing for a man to understand what my focus is right now and if he doesn't or gives me a hard time about it...BYE FILPE! 
The post reference here. << and about this post here....

The comments on the referred post really had me puzzled but, also giggling.  My friend and I smiled greatly about it.  It's funny how people admire you from afar but, you may never know it they do not say a word.  I am also very amazed how the men remained very respectful towards my friend and I.  They gave me many compliments but, their words as much complimented my friend as they did me.  So those of you Kappa Gentleman who are following my site, I want to say, Thank You.

*P.S. - Kappas, I am in search of a video from the Pi Lounge day party on August 15.  Particularly a video of when My Kappa was on the mic.  If anyone has that, please email to me.  

August 23, 2015

The Sun + The Beauty of Him

I'm a sun child. I like being in the elements. I like diversity. I like beauty. I like simplicity. 

Dress: Upscale Boutique
Hat, Bag, Jewelry: Sam Moon
Shoes: Jessica Simpson


The Beauty of Him

I know I am not the only one who does this!  And Men, here is a little secret.....Women do this a lot! We create whole movies in our head within minutes but, still be fully aware of what's going on. By the time you finished talking to me about what your favorite meal is, I've already pictured you surprising me while I am sipping my tea and having brunch with the girls discussing the childish antics of our kids when I notice you handing me flowers, bend down to kiss my forehead, say hi to the ladies, and then tell me to cancel all my meetings for the week because you planned a getaway to the countryside. 

I am not sure how obvious I am when I do this and I am afraid to ask, as to not seem like an awkward creeper and I like to think that I turn my head just in time before I get caught staring for too long but, sometimes when an attractive man is speaking to me I get lost in his beauty.   The way his lips move, his jaw structure, how his shirt fits his shoulders, how is collar graces his neck, the arch of his eyebrows, the scent of his cologne....

Oh gosh, and don't let him be a man who is everything that I need....tall, loves kids but does not necessarily want more, has had his learning experience of a long-term committed relationship, is well traveled, personable, confident, great smile, physically fit, intelligent, established, business savvy, dresses well, personable, considerate of my thoughts, attentive to my needs, protective of my heart, and Daddy likes him....yeaahhhh, all this is gonna have me married, cooking dinner every night, breakfast every morning with his clothes ironed and ready!....and sleeping in his shirts when he is away from home.

Dear Future Husband,

I don't need a big Gatsby wedding.  I just need you.

P.S.- Hey Future Husband, please know that just because I have a public website that I will be talking about our personal business.  I know better.  Yet, if you love me enough to want to marry me then you will also know me enough to know that what is between us is between us, the world will only get the tidbits.

And speaking of brunch with the girls....
At Radio Milano

The ladies and I met up at one of our favorite areas in Houston, CityCentre, to catch up our lives (men, work, family. etc) and feast on good food.....mmmmmmm.

Interesting Thought: Someone recently asked me if my girlfriends and I get into the catty drama displayed on tv and heard through stories....uhhhhh....NO.  My friends and I are grown and can discuss our differences without hoping tables or being held back by others.

I will say this and I am not turning my back on my ladies BUT, the female genes do not always highlight our best attributes.  We are naturally trusting in the form of, We want to experience new things so we take the risk of telling our secrets, giving too much of our opinions, revealing more our ourselves than needed....layman's terms: We tend to talk about our personal business too freely. << The problem is some of us do not know when to stop or realize we are sparing far more info than necessary and get upset when our friends have their own opinions of us or relay our business to others.  So there are women who cannot hear criticism or consider the thoughts of others with a positive perspective.  I am not acquainted with such women.

I enjoy all my gal pals.  I am closer to some over others (mainly by default) but, I still maintain a level of privacy with each one and I think they do the same.  We are far too busy in our professional lives and dealing with the madness of men to dwell on conflicts among our friendships...We ain't got time fo dat.

My friends and I will be the future Golden Girls!

Until then, we smoke hookahs...

August 16, 2015

Sunday Cruising + IDFWU

Dress: Anthropologie
Clutch: Sam Moon
Shoes: Bakers (Now named "Call It Spring") 

I traveled this weekend.  Did some work, got together with a friend, and met some more great people.  It was much needed, a reminder of what life is supposed to be like...laughter and good company.  I reflected on my weekend as I drove home listening to some soulful tunes...

I am blessed to have the people I have in my life, how they came in my life and when they came in my life.  Their entries were perfect.  And if they so chose to exit or if life events cause our connections to dissolve, then I am still blessed to have know them for the time I did.


I am in "I" mode right now to men...IDFWU...

After some clarity, I have decided to be done.  With my last few issues, ehem, misunderstandings, with men (in Houston) I am done with unnecessary connections.  Although, I still think these few men are great, just not great for me.  I have even shutdown my personal Facebook account and started a business page that links to my website..  I will no longer entertain anyone who does not understand and accept my plans and goals.  Not to sound conceited but, I AM AN AMAZING PERSON TO KNOW and will be a great wife to a great husband.  For now, either accept what I am willing to offer or step aside.  

I will make time for those whom are worth making time for.  You do not have to know me well for me to think about you.  You just have to understand that I am not waiting by the phone to hear from you or that just because I do not answer your call, I am ignoring you.  I have things to do, everyday.  I cannot drop everything just because you feel I need to make you important in my life.  If you are someone I need to keep close, I will do so and keep you as close as you keep me but, do not force anything on me.  

Even though I may not have the most time right now, does not mean I will never have the time.  There are reasons for what I am doing, just let me do them and if you are the man I am meant to be with then everything that I am accomplishing right now, will benefit US....I expect you to be just as ambitious and determined to ensure your future with anyone to be exactly what you need.


I don't follow much football, but I have a football loving family.
Of course they love the HOME team.

August 10, 2015

Simple + WTF MEN?

This is not a recent picture but, I love it because my hair did exactly what I wanted it to do!  Plus, I am in a casual look, which if you've noticed, is not too often.


By no means am I saying all men are foolish, nor am I intending to crucify any man and before reading the messages below, here is the back story: I made a post on Facebook about a conversation I had with my father talking about business and being successful.  I was not in the best of moods since my work day was madness, so when the this man made a comment I was a bit brash.  We exchanged a few simple text messages back and forth, again I was in no mood to be bubbly, so my messages were very short and evanescent.  Several hours later, I decided to deactivate my Facebook account because I found myself being too consumed with it and it was not conducive to my emotional turmoil at the time.

Some time later while I was sleeping, I received a text from said man questioning if I had "unfriended" him because he could not see my page, this irritated me a bit because I do not place any social media network on a high pedestal.  Then he insulted me; this just fueled my irritation.  I was having trouble staying asleep that night so I noticed his message in the wee hours of the morning.  I responded very thoroughly with mentioning what I decided to do with my Facebook and explaining my disgust to his assumption and insult.  Later, he responds....

But WTF is this?! With his response!!!
And he proceeds to send a slew of compliments to me
ending the train of endearment with a simple smiley face....WTF.

Ideally, all I can do is laugh about this.  This man and I are not romantically involved and we have only been acquainted with one another for a short period of time.  I have chosen not to entertain him any further but, if we were to end up in the same room, I will be pleasant. 

All in all, this man is a seemingly a good guy, we...our....I don't know, I guess our personalities don't blend well?  Again, my intention is not to exploit this man, I just want to express how some of you men....perplex my soul!

 Just For Laughs: