December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015

So it's a final wrap up of 2015.  Hope you have a memorable year! 
As I look through my posts from this year....I guess I can say my 2015 was pretty AMAZING!

*See HERE for my 2014 End of Year Post. 

I now have a 10 and 5 year old whom are intersecting more and more into my life.  My title at work keeps allowing me to grow and climb ladders in the corporate world.  This website has engaged more of you and I LOVE IT! My financial house has improved tremendously and I am starting to invest in the new year.  I am getting better with my diet and exercise although, turning down pork chops and fatty snacks is still tough for me.  I have made valuable friendships and connected even closer with the ones I made previous years.  Many of the friends around me are getting engaged, married, or celebrating being single.  While I enjoy the single life, I still subconsciously am preparing for my future husband...even though some of the men I have come across this year have, above it all, I had a great year! Oh AND....I finally got my sister to come to church!  Well, only for the Christmas Eve service but, still a huge triumph!

Do I have any goals for 2016?
Of course, continuing to build my brand and...

Educate myself even further.
Plus, I recently had a dream that I obtained one of my major goals.  Now, I am not much of a dream interpreter; I did do some research on how dreams reveal un-surfaced wants, needs, fears, and future insights but, I do not want to discuss too much of my dream just in case it is a matter of time before it becomes real.  I will just mention this, I am most likely a lot closer to my goals than what I think right now. 

I am not sure who came up with this or if it is just an unspoken common thought but, I am definitely going to start this Money Challenge this week and by next Christmas, maybe my children can get some extra cruise? We shall see.

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*Lesson learned: I used to see a guy who felt that I was obligated to pay for his expenses.  He would try to guilt me and make me feel like I was a horrible person for not being more willing to help him out of HIS problems. (He was the kind of man who was used to women doing everything for him because of his looks, don't get me wrong, this man is 6'6 and gorgeous, well, the last time I saw him he was still good looking, not sure about now.  So, I have accepted my faults for being superficial...It's safe to say my communication with him did not last long and I stopped answering his calls.  My bank has been smiling ever since.

See you in 2016!

December 23, 2015

So Wilde + The Mystery

"I never approve or disapprove of anything now. It is an absurd attitude to take toward life. We are not sent into the world to air our moral prejudices. I never take notice of what common people say and I never interfere with what charming people do. If a personality fascinates me, whatever mode of expression that personality selects is absolutely delightful to me."

- Oscar Wilde

*Coffee mug: RongRong Devoe

It is the simple things which create the best moments.

The Mystery

Ever since my initial post "Class + Style" I have been getting an abundance of emails and comments here and there about this 'mystery guy'.  It is not a mystery, he is a friend of mine and yes, we have shared romantic moments but, we still consider ourselves as friends.  And, yes, I do refer to him every now and then.  I empathize that some people may have concern about him for me but, with all that I do share with the world, there is much that I do not share for my own personal reasons...I am the one who is living this experience and although I can appreciate everyone's thoughts, I am the one who has to live out any decision I make regarding my friend. 

I know that it may be difficult for most people to comprehend our friendship but, with having bad memories from my last love spell, I am very adamant about building a friendship before anything can anyone create a life with someone and not truly enjoy the person?...I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to have cross paths with this man and we always mention or joke about how we met, how everything happens for a reason, and how all the decisions we made that day led us to be introduced.  We both have our own versions of it and we chuckle about it each time but, that is how our foundation started. 

I speak highly of him because I think highly of him.  He understands my mindset and the direction I am taking in life and he respects my space.  We may always just be friends and I am fine with that and he knows this.  It is all positive energy.  I may never divulge any details about our relationship because those matters are between us.  Even some of my close friends just get the basic information about him..."He's fine."..."Everything is great."..."I still like him."...etc.

So, you will not see his face or know his name unless there is good reason for it or if certain events occur.  I fully believe in respecting the privacy of others especially when it also involves my own privacy.  Anything that is revealed openly will because of our actions and decisions together.  Until then...We're good.

Any future questions or inquires about this subject, we are just going to revisit this post. Cool? Cool.

On Another Note: 

People seem to think I have a slew of men calling me or texting me trying to date me.  Well, my response is as follows...

I will admit I am very particular with whom I communicate with, even more particular when it comes to men.  Sometimes when a man realizes I have little time for him, or senses that my interest is obsolete, he usually ends up eliminating himself from the equation.  So no, I do not have dozens of suitors beating at my door, there are no flowers being delivered to my office, my phone is not constantly ringing, and my text message inbox is lackluster.  The only reason I have a lock on my phone is because my children are professional criminals.  (-____-)

In all fairness, I will respond to those who I want to respond to and reach out to those who I feel is worth reaching out to.  If a man does not hear from me, it does not necessarily mean there was something wrong with him...or there could be something wrong with him and I just don't have the patience to tell a grown man about himself...again, I am...particular and somewhat difficult...So, any man who gets upset with me about my disinterest towards him...I don't care. It's not to be heartless, I just have too much else to focus on rather than coddle your hurt feelings due to my choices and standards.

December 13, 2015

The Dream + The Difference

As many times as I have changed directions in life, my dreams and aspirations always remain the same; comfort and stability.  Simple...maybe.  To obtain these 'luxuries' one must continue to be consistent and disciplined.  Consistent to our evolution and disciplined to our future.  Do not stray from your morals or forget your lessons.  Your choices will vary and your teachers will not always take the same form.  Do not fall into the trap of the same experiences in hopes of a different result.  There is no true prediction of any outcome but, what you can be sure of is...yourself, don't fail that person.

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Guess

The Difference

Many of us go through different relationships.  Sometimes those whom we decide to become more comfortable with meet our friends and family; and our loved ones end up liking our chosen person...happens all the time...BUT, we must understand there is a difference between the connection this person has with our loved ones verses the relationship this person has with us. 

Example: Mary and John have been dating for several months. John introduced Mary to his parents and they love her but, somewhere down the line John and Mary do not work out and John meets Lisa.  John's parents do not like Lisa as much as they like Mary but, John proposes to Lisa.

The thoughts of your friends and family may have a small involvement of who you chose to be with but, in actuality, YOU are the one in the relationship with a person, your connections with someone run a bit more deeper than his/her connection with your family...I could be seeing someone and his family can love me dearly but, that does not mean he will choose ME as his wife.  There may be things about me that he notices which his family does not see that make him not want to marry me...We cannot compare ourselves to someone our ex has chosen to be with.  Just accept that the two of you do not have the same connection as he/she may have with this new person.

Just remember, always, ALWAYS, be presentable when meeting his family and friends and NEVER be someone you are not, they can see right through the bullsh*t.

I cannot wait until my kids bring home someone for me to meet....

December 10, 2015

Son + Spanglish Lesson

Happy 5th Birthday to my Son!

I was expecting you 
Months before we knew of you
I already chose your name
Because you are our Guardian
I stayed up with you
Early days and late nights
We listened to Mozart
And the Commodores
We had long conversations
About the world
About Atlantis
About the Heavens
You adore your sister
Love to snuggle with her
You used to pull her hair as a baby
She was annoyed by it
She would stay far from your reach
Now she makes you eggs each time you ask
And she tucks you in for bed
As I look around my floor
I see the remains of your imagination
Legos, cars, tablet, change, blankets, snacks
I know
I feel
You will be a great man
Because you are an amazing boy
We celebrate you today
My son
My love
My life
My Gabriel ♡

Birthday kisses and wishes.

Spanglish Lesson

If you have not seen this movie yet, YOU MUST!  It is not the usual Adam Sandler comedy (Sandler is actually quit refreshing in this move as a successful chef and doting father and husband.)  The movie is more so about a mildly dysfunctional family who goes through the mediocrity of wealthy living mixed in with a Mexican immigrant and her bright eyed daughter who identifies conflicts about odd American ways.

Anyway, I am not going to review the whole move, it is on regular television often and I have watched it over 10 times by now.  No, I just will mention the part that recently caught my attention the most.  There is a scene when the mother-in-law warns the wife about her extra marital affair.  She tells her daughter, 
"You are going to lose your husband if you do not stop what you are doing. And you will never find someone as good. There will only be men who you know are cheap and shallow and have no real warmth in their souls. You may have gotten by on their surfaces once but, you have been spoiled by a good man. If you do not act quickly, you soon cement an awful fate for yourself ...a life with no hope of repair..."

The idea of someone else identifying your self destruction and calling you out on it is... humane and chivalrous.  We make decisions everyday that design the blue print of our futures.  Are you making the right decision for the longevity of your heart or are you just satisfying it for the moment?