Butterfly + Adventures in Rice

My daughter, Vanessa, is darling.  Her name means "butterfly". 
Over the years of watching her grown, I am more confident I chose the right name for her. 

She brought home her mid term report card the other day and made A/B honor roll, plus perfect attendance.  I asked her if she wanted me to reward her by putting money into her bank account or going out to eat.  She stated that she would rather go eat since I would be spending just as much on her meal anyway. 


Dinner costed over double than what I would have deposited in her account.  
Yet, I will not complain because she deserved it.

Before our Barnes & Noble run, we had dinner at her favorite sushi place.  
The picture below is only a portion of what we ordered.

Adventures in Rice

My friend was hosting a Bikram Yoga event on a Saturday morning and although I am open to fitness, I am not yet open to Yoga but, I did go show my support!  (P.S.- When the ladies were getting out of the 90 minute class, they were dripping with sweat!...Yeah, definitely not ready for that.)

So instead of me doing Yoga, I opted to decide on food....

Thai Food 

We ate at a nearby restaurant called Morningside Thai.  I was a bit disappointed that they did no have Som Tum (spicy green papaya salad) but, the red curry settled my frowning.  And although, this was supposed to be the only stop for the day, I coaxed my friend into spending a few hours of girl time with me before heading home....

We headed to Rice Village (Houston, TX)

For those whom are unfamiliar with the area, it's a collage area in walking distance of Rice University.  There are small boutiques, cafes, bars, specialty shops, etc.

See the post about the boutique I went to in Rice Village HERE

Anytime I am in the area, I must stop at Chocolat Du Monde to pick up a box of my favorite Belgian chocolates, Leonidas.

Afterwards, my friend and I strolled for some time, went into a few interesting stores, and came across Celebrity Cupcakes....there are no words to explain the delicious creaminess of the frosting.

Then of course it was time for some substantial food, so CoCo Crepes & Waffles it was!

I ordered the chicken and spinach with mushrooms crepe and I did not expect much of it, I just needed to suppress my appetite but...Honey! When I took that first bite! My food soul sang a harmony!


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