Macarons + The Mind The Heart

For Christmas a friend of mine got me a gift card for a Macaron shop near me 
and I finally picked up my box of treats!

This shop has 3 locations.  The one I went to was at Hughes Landing in The Woodlands.  If you have never been to Hughes Landing, it is much like The Market Street Woodlands, CityCentre, Sugarland Town Square, and Rice Village.  If you are unfamiliar with all these areas, just picture a gorgeous landscape of shops, restaurants, and walkways. 

The the adventure did not end here. I had to grab lunch as well and since I was in the area, 
of course I had to stop at my favorite sushi restaurant, Uni Sushi.

When the waiter brought out my tea, he placed this cute tea cup in front of me! 
Simple things make me smile.

I definitely needed a meal like this, especially after
the adolescent dinner I had the night before with my two little humans. 

They ran around with tickets and tokens, while I got pizza wasted!

The Heart

How true is this to you?
For me, it's about 85% accurate.

My mind only replays what my heart still carries hope and affection for.  I can feel affection for someone but, not have hope of a positive future or have plans of even an impending future.   Therefore, unless I feel that you have longevity with me, my thoughts of you will not be on repeat.   My mind has learned to shut out those figments and store any relating memories in the far back of my mind, only to come out when needed.


Anonymous said…
I am digging the hair do.

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