Pocah Boots + Creeper

Code name: Pocah

Sometimes the braided pig-tails are necessary.

I love boot weather! It only last about 2 months here in Texas but, I take full advantage of it!


Hey, I am not ashamed to admit when I am doing "research".
Sometimes, I just want to get the heads up so I know what questions I need to ask!
Judge me not; I'm just being honest.

Sidebar: If you are dating a lot of people in a short span of time then I definitely will have a few preconceived thoughts of you...You shouldn't have been a hoe! You should have been preserving yourself for greatness...ME!..I'm just kidding, I know some people do not like to be single or need a form of romantic companionship but, I do take into consideration how many relationships you've had in a year's time.

Yet, on most days, I'm too busy for the nonsense anyway...


Anonymous said…
You are wonderful.

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