Studying + Not Much Change

I've been diving more and more into stabilizing my personal finances and making the most of my down time.  Which means, reading, researching, note taking, no late outings, sitting up in bed until 2am....such is life.

Also, I have the Samsung Note 5 and did not know 
I had all these extra features with the camera app!!!
*P.S. - I LOVE these candies! My friend gave me a box...yes, a WHOLE box...of these and I am down to the last one. Tears.

Not Much Change

I made this video about 2 years ago.  I was responding to an email someone sent me about why I will continue to be single if I do not make certain changes with myself....

My hair was nice right?
Welp, for the most part, I still think this way and as far as being single...


Steven said…
You are just a stuck up spoiled woman who has to have her way all the time. No man wants that! Just because you look good, you thinks you can do whatever you want of get whatever you want. You're not all thats cracked up to be. You are going pass up a good man because of your high siddity attitude. Who the hell is going sign a prenup? You need to get a man before your ass gets to old and no one wants you. You are the same type of woman who sticks her nose up at the man who don't have the nice suits and call him thirsty for wanting to know your name. I work hard every day to earn mine and I'll be damn if a woman makes me feel some type of way for not making 6 figures. Go ahead and keep talking your bullshit. Aint not man gonna put up with your attitude.
Raya L. said…

First let me ask, "Are you okay? Did I personally offend you? Have we met? and did I reject you?"

You seem very 'touched' by my words and although I cannot be sure if I know you or ever met you, I will say that your perceptions of me is inaccurate and you may be deriving from bad experiences you may have had with other women and you are placing me in that same category. I will not apologize for other women since they may have had their own reasons about you, nor will I apologize for myself since your comment is asinine. It is not my responsibility to make you understand anything of what I say. You take how you want to.

Yes, I am spoiled. I am a product of my upbringing. My father provided a GREAT childhood but, he also made sure to teach me the importance to earning and managing my own money so I can provide myself a GREAT adulthood.

Never have I stated I required a man to earn 6 figures but, I do require him to be financially able to comfortably maintain his life. If you are not my child, I will not carry someone who is struggling to carry themselves. Now if I am married and my husband falls on hard times then we will have a discussion about how to continue to proceed as a family. If he begins to make decisions without me, then yes, I will have a problem. But that is neither here nor there.

As far as a prenup, I would not have a problem with him asking me for one. If he or I built a business before meeting one another then it is to be expected that we want to protect it. This is not to say that the business will not thrive with each others input because a husband and wife are to support one another's ventures especially if it is beneficial to the home and family.

Also let me mention, the last man I met in a bar setting was NOT wearing a suit. He was in regular, every day, t-shirt and shorts (nothing fancy on the t-shirt, the shorts fit him like they were supposed to, no over priced sneakers). And yes, we are still in communication with one another.

And getting old is just a state of mind. I am forever young.

If you indeed "feel some type of way" then I suggest looking into your ego and break down what the real issue is....because I can assure you, it's not me or any other woman. Self reflection sir. Or what you can also do is read a few other of my posts and learn a thing or two because I am the DOPEST BROAD YOU WILL EVER KNOW!

Sooooo......Are you Big Mad? or Little Mad?
Anonymous said…

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