Be You + I Can't

Your uniqueness is what makes you...You.  Why try to duplicate someone else's persona? 
We can admire but, never emulate. 

As much as I like to be "pretty" and presentable, I have no issues being my natural self.  I admire women who carry themselves with class and dignity;  I translate that admiration through my own style but, I never duplicate someone else's image.  I like who I am.  I say inappropriate things, I make lewd comments, I eat like a man, I burp out loud...but for the most part, it's all in fun and I still maintain a level of grace.  Anyone who has gotten to know me is well aware of my "special" character.

Be You.


I can't, I just can't.

Why do we support these types of thoughts?  This is not conducive to those who aspire to have a healthy and faithful marriage or relationship.  Every time I log onto Facebook or Instagram, I constantly see memes about "sidechicks" or "Having a wife and a girlfriend".  Is this what I have to look forward to?  The same scenario I came out of?  The sad part is, many men honor this and some women are actually OKAY with these types of arrangements!  I do not ever want someone else's husband or potential husband and I never again want to have a relationship where there is another woman sitting on the sideline waiting for him to leave me or for me to leave him.  I refuse to subject myself to that life again.  I have become so much more and identified what I definitely do not want in my next relationship.

As many defenses as I have against relationship and men.  I still want to be married to one but, I don't want my marriage to come with these types of conditions.

I still can't.


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