I stay busy because I like to be busy.

I do a lot of things alone.  Not because I am single or that I do not have many friends, no; because I like experiencing things on my own.  I like to be in my own space, in my own thoughts, and not be drawn into conversation or in someone's company all the time.  Many times I dine out alone, shop alone, go to the movies alone, and travel alone.

Because I am single, does not mean I am lonely.  And to be honest, I plan to still do things by myself when I do get back into a relationship.  I will still want my "me" time as well as I am sure he will want his...hence a reason for a "man-cave".

Recently, I was at a friend's birthday celebration and a mutual friend of ours approached me and said, "I do not understand why you are single."  My simple response to these types of questions are, "I'm too busy." or "I am not looking for a relationship right now."...which is how I responded.  For some reason this gentleman assumed that because I was "just one", that I was also lonely or missing out on something great telling me I needed to be a "plus one".  He made comments about being with someone to share you experiences with, and how it's not worth it if you are by yourself, and needing to find a good mate.  Then he hits me with the, "We should get to know each other more and hang out sometime."....yup, he tried it...automatic NO. 

#1: He approached me completely off key.
#2: He assumed without merit.
#3: He tried way too hard.

Why can I not openly state that I am single without someone thinking that I am just some lonely woman waiting for the right guy?  If I connect with someone, great, but I do not want to be forced into anything or coaxed into something without any form of understanding.

No, humans are not built to travel through this life by themselves, I get it.  We are born with mechanisms to intertwine with others and make links...but allow me to embrace the idea of a partner or give me a chance to speak my stance about my life before you just "attack" me with suggestions of my love life.


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