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Ex Communications

Do you still keep in contact with your ex? 

For me, I only have one true ex and I roughly speak to him about 3-4 times a year and this is only because we have children together, other than that, I would have no reason to speak with him.  I also have one person I considered something serious with but, that digressed and I do not speak with him at all. (And let's be clear on "dating"...if you are dating someone, it does not mean you two are in a relationship.  Dating is just what it is, DATING: getting to know one another with the possibility of a relationship.)

Although, I do know that some people still keep open communication with their ex-partners, so let me point out the 'grey' areas...

I do not find it taboo for someone to still speak with their ex.  If I am involved with a man who does this, it would not necessarily bother me BUT, there would be a yellow flag raised and my ears would perk up anytime he mentions interactions with the ex.

I can understand the two have history but, I would be very keen on how involved the communication between the two are.  If it is kept at a good distance, I'm okay with that because sometimes we need input from someone who knows us in a particular nature but, if he tells me that he needs to go console her or help her with something then the flag will turn to orange and possibly red.

I fully believe that the past is the past and that is where it needs to stay.  The closer you get to someone new, the further you need to scoot your chair away from your ex *if you've not done that already.  I do not feel it appropriate for a man or woman whom may be in a new relationship to entertain possibilities of having an "ops" moment with an ex...the flesh can be weak but, I will not give the Devil the opportunity... 


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