Love + Hate It

I absolutely LOVE this dress!

It's girly, clean lines, and a fits me well.  It is a wee bit short but, I can manage it.


Hate It

Dating in my 20s...I didn't do much of that since for the majority of the time I was involved.
Dating in my 30s...still not much there, since I just don't have the time or the tolerance for men who do not understand my visions for myself. Yes, this sounds a bit selfish but, I have to consider myself first before I consider someone else right?

I did the whole online thing (see here) and although I met some good guys, still no love connection and one of the men I met became "DONOTANSWER" in my phone...yes, he was a bad pick. All seemed good at first, hard working man, family oriented but...then he started to get too comfortable with speaking AT me a certain way and thought it was funny, even after I let him know I was not okay with it.  Every few weeks I get a "thinking about you" text...Yeah, I'm sure you are bruh...

I did the whole 'meeting men through mutual friends' thing, again some good guys but, no catch for me.  Annnnnd, one of the men I met through a mutual friend became "DONOTANSWER2"...yup, this one was just too insistent and came on too strong...calling me his "wife" only after a few conversations.  MIND YOU, in these few conversations I had with him, I let him know I was NOT interested...maybe he thought that was code for him to try harder.  No dude, that was code to be easy and back off.

Way before 2015 even ended, the bulk of my phone contents consisted of work/business emails, text messages with girlfriends, and phone calls to my Dad, Sister, and Daughter.

Lord, just wrap my husband up in a tailored suit and sit him on my doorstep with a princess cut diamond on a gold setting in a size 6.  Be sure he has all the makings of a good man: focused on comfort and stability, doesn't make bad judgement calls that could hinder our home or our family, knows how to cook, likes to eat, is personable, likes to travel, has traveled, is funny, can understand my humor, not afraid to be vulnerable with me, randomly touches, hugs or kisses me just because, likes to look good but, not conceited or arrogant, is humble and just enjoys the beauty of humanity and life....and looks at me like I'm the greatest blessing he has ever received.  Please and Thank you.


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