Robe + Choosing

No, this is not a robe although I do have a black silk robe that looks very much like this but, NO this is a DRESS I purchased at Express.  (Can you sense that people were looking at me like I was wearing "bed time" garments?)....Yeah, ummm, I'm not that daring with style.

Moving on...before we go into my written thoughts, here is my opinion on a recent topic I discussed with several friends.

> Because someone is single does not always mean they are available. <


I have said it before and I will continue to say it because I fully believe it:

"The MAN, is the one who decides if there is a relationship or not."

And as mentioned in a previous post...for him to be my partner, my love, my life, and his support, I need him to begin the relationship in Lead. (See post HERE)

At most, I may ask a man what his future plans are in regards to his personal life but, I will NOT ask him to pursue a relationship with me. I may not be completely ready for a relationship but, if a man were to present me with one, I may consider it. Yet, keep in mind, I will not consider just any man.  Some random dude can't just come out of the woodwork asking me to be his lady, NO, I do have standards.


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