Valentine's Day 2016

Happy, whatever.

Here's the post from 2015 VDAY.

This morning my pastor spoke words of thoughts I've always had 
and ideas my father embedded in me...

1. "You don't want to present yourself in a way that gives someone the wrong opinion of you.
(Show the world you respect yourself if you want respect to be returned, it may not always happen but, as long as you know you presented your best.)

2. "How you treat the creation is a reflection on how you feel about the creator."
(How you treat yourself, how you treat your family, friends, acquaintances, people you don't know, the enviroment all matter.)

Dress: Upscale Boutique (Woodlands, TX)

I spent my day with these two little humans.
We started off a church, then had lunch, then went for special ice cream...

Sub Zero Ice Cream shoppe has an interesting concept.  Cream mixed with other flavorful ingredients are frozen with liquid nitrogen to make a traditionally delicious treat.


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