Hints + Behavior

White with a hint of color always works.


Your behavior reflects a lot on how people thinking and react towards you.  Those of you whom are single, Can you honestly say right now that there is no one who thinks they have a chance with you?  (Well, I supposed this question can also be towards those whom are married or in a relationship....I know some of my married friends "ain't sh!t", hey just because you are my friend, doesn't mean I approve of everything you do.  You're grown and it's not my place to tell your spouse anything, but I will continue to give you the side eye when you tell me certain things.)

If your answer is, No - Most likely you enjoy the attention you are receiving from people so you play on their interests with you. Whether or not you are seriously interested in these people does have a link to how you behave towards the admiration you are receiving but, if you just like being the center of attention, you  may fall into the trap of feeding into your impulses, further feeding into their impulses and then possibly getting into the mess of someone being hurt at the end of it all because your intentions were...different.  But hey, who's at fault with those types are scenarios right?  They should have known better than to be serious about you huh?  Basically, what I am saying is...even if you are not acting on it...you look like a hoe.  Whether you want to take that word negatively or use it as an honorary badge is up to you.  Let me remind you, this is solely my opinion and you can comment on anything I say. I already know a few readers whom I'm going to receive emails from.  I welcome your intake on any of the topics I discuss. 

P.S. - Not being forward about your intentions is what makes you a prick. It's not taboo to have a lot of people fawning over you but, it is a bit rude to string them along as if you are interested in something more concrete.  Don't be a prick.  Now if you are honest with people and they still want you, then their heartbreak is on them.

If your answer is, Yes - Good for you, you must be a blunt asshole...just kidding.  I can empathize with this answer.  Although, several men may have an interest for me, all but one has been given certain privileges to me.  The other men have been told of my disinterest.  How they digested that information is really out of my control and whether or not they still think they have a chance, is again, out of my control...I've told them my piece.  I have been more cognizant of how I act around men due to finding myself in uncomfortable situations where a guy friend reveals that he has romantic feelings for me or he thinks that me being comfortable around him gives him lead way to pursue something.  So, I have learned to keep a cordial distance with single men whom I have become acquainted with.  When they begin to reveal different emotions towards me, I tend to back away a bit further.  I do understand that good friendships can become great relationships but, I am only working on friendships right now and with the way my life is, I really do not have much space in my schedule to devote to male friendships; I make this very clear...and let me make something else very clear, although I have given one man privileges, he is the only one who is getting these benefits and even then those benefits have a cap.  *Only a man with whom I am in a committed relationship with gets all the privileges.


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