Regal + Fool

Sometimes hair and makeup is not needed when the dress is so perfect!

This dress is an eBay purchase. *Heads up on eBay items, if you are buying from China, you will pay a good price BUT, quality, size, and time of delivery will differ from each seller.  I have bought items for under $20 and the material was, ummm...not to be desired, it was too small, and some orders took almost a month to get to my door, yet others items for similar prices, I loved, fit well, and were delivered within 14 days!  So purchased with caution and do not get your hopes too high when shopping overseas.

This dress is an XL (Asian size).  I may be Asian but, I have an American diet so with traditional Asian sizes, I usually have to go up a size or two. The dress is a bit loose and I am considering ordering another in a Large (it will cost the same to get it taken in) but, I paired the XL with a belt which allowed the lower part of the dress to billow out more, so no rush to order a smaller size. 

eBay Seller: 2011godseller

I also bought another print design in the same style dress which will be featured in a future post.


You play the fool when you make decisions that can tarnish your morals or tarnish how someone whom is worthy may look at you.

You never entertain a fool while waiting for your King.

Translation: Don't give yourself to someone who has not proven himself worthy.  You know what you deserve; you know what you do not deserve.  Don't crown someone who fits better in a jester hat.  This is not saying you can't have your fun.  By all means, enjoy life, just don't get caught up with someone who will not or cannot treat you like a Queen.

People who only like attention will entertain just about anyone. With a Bluetooth signal, a device connects to any nearby devices but, those of us who want something more substantial are more prone to WiFi, we see all the available people but, we connect to the strongest one.

The woman who every man wants but, she only wants you is a good woman.

Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish the fools, they are good at wearing disguises but, allow your heart and your mind to speak with one another.  Only listening to your heart will keep everyone (even the wrong ones) close; only listening to your mind will keep everyone away.

You never entertain a fool when your castle is in disarray.

Translation: When you are involved with someone, your romantic and intimate involvement should only be with that one person, even if the two of you are not on the best of terms, unless you have discussed that it is best to go separate ways, do not send invitations out to welcome someone new into your heart, your home...your bed.  

Hypothetically speaking, if my love and I were to get into an argument, I am going to take time for myself or be around girlfriends but, I will NOT allow another man to believe he can take my love's place, nor will I give much detail to my girlfriends about what our issues are.  Some people prey on the demise of a relationship, especially those who may want what you have or who you have.

If you choose to entertain the hearts of others, you break the one heart that you had completely.

I have witnessed men and women being a bit too friendly with someone when they are on the outs with theirs partners, not many of them had good endings to tell. 

Much like my statements in Hints + Behavior....


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