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I love that my hair is long enough to wear these school girl braids.  And when I don't have time to fuss with my hair, this style just takes 5 minutes to do.  Simple enough.


We have has a few gorgeous days here in Houston that it is a sin to stay in the house.  So the kids and I like to venture and do our normal sunny day things....

Coffee & Crepes

and Whole Foods Market.


Last week, a friend asked my opinion on his recent life choices. I was honest. I have seen his choices play out and effect everyone around him but, he is an adult and made his own decisions, so unless he asked, I gave no input...but I did observe. He did not think he was doing anything wrong so, when he did request my thoughts I broke down a different perspective. He made choices that he believed would help him but instead hurt him because he did not consider different scenarios or logic. He just wanted to do what he wanted to do and had people thinking he is living a certain lifestyle. It has actually become the opposite for him. The people who he claims as friends are people with a "small town mentality". They cannot see passed what they know and are not willing to progress and he is too ashamed to speak his truth to them.

So instead, he rants about things being unfair any everything being against him. All these so called friends of his are just "venting partners" who are not suggesting any realistic solutions but, rather feeding more into his woes...furthermore, encouraging him to be...without sense. Even though some of his friends are educated, they still continued to act and think within their own environment. Which is fine but, to grow, you have to expand your mind, thus expanding your world. He has become so comfortable with one mindset that thinking broader scares him and makes him insecure. He did not like to hear that. I let him know that if he refuses to see how his choices hindered him as opposed to benefiting him, then he is not ready to make a change. He did not like to hear that either.

There were several tense moments in our conversation where I pointed out his bad behavior and in retaliation he tried to break me down. Yet, I did not get upset. I let him know that whatever he has to say about me, I have already said out loud to the world, all my pain, shame, and everyone past and present. The call ended by him hanging up on me. What type of friend would I be if I just agreed with everything he did or said without pointing out his unjustifiables? If I never hear from him again, I okay with it. I have done my due diligence.

I will admit, I was a little hurt when he hung up abruptly.  We have been friends for so long that I figured we would be able to talk the issues through.  But, I was willing to accept that our friendship may be over at this point.

About a week later, my friend calls me and says, "Thank you."

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