Smalls + Approach

If she cannot name a song on Biggie's first album....she's too young.

Sometimes I like to pair class with urban styles.  I could have gone with the traditional Timberland boot but, that would have been more on the urban side, so I opted for simple riding boots...more universal. 


I have this conversation all the time with my friends..single, married, and whatever.  I hate when men approach me (which is not as often as some may think) with a premeditated love affair in mind...calm down dude, you didn't even give me time to say, Hello....

Some of you men may say that we women do it all the time, have a whole relationship pictured in our heads before even initially meeting a guy..yes, I have been guilty of this but, I definitely do not approach a man with the names of our future children...yes, I'm being facetious, although it has not been far fetched to have a man consider me his woman before he even a first date or knowing the names of my children. 

Sometimes a man's approach can be too strong, but should I be complaining?  A lot of men don't even approach women these days.  I guess I can give them credit for having confidence but, there is still a fine line between being interested and being aggressive. 

And what's up with trying to break the ice on social media???
I get inbox messages in my Facebook and Instagram from men I have never met and the they ask or state that they want to get to know me....Look, I understand that this may be the new age way to meet people but, the first thing to identify is that neither of these sites are "dating sites" so I am not on my Facebook or Instagram looking for love affairs...I did my run at online dating; I have no interest on doing it again.  If you want to be social and are inviting me to an event or gathering, that's one thing but, to approach me with certain undertones which give me a vibe that you have a particular motives...ummm, no thank you.

And I can never understand when some men get offended when you turn down their "friendship"...Sir, if you only wanted to be friends, why are you so upset?

See, this is what some men fail to realize...approaching a woman with a friendship is very much like approaching her with a relationship.  Both have similar notions and the boundaries between the two can be fuzzy depending on how it is maintained but, when you present yourself with particular expectations to someone who you know nothing about, it can lead to least with me it will...hey, many of my friends will tell you, I'm hard on these men out here!  And I am very unapologetic about it.

Why can't a man meet a woman at a coffee shop, sit down, discuss the primary info, and see where it goes?  I guess with so many options and ways to meet new people, that the majority of us eliminate simple traditions....I still like tradition.

I am not waiting on someone to come around, nor I am actively looking for a relationship but, I do expect for the man who will be my future husband to do what he sees fit for me and for himself so we can become a great pair.

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