April 27, 2016

So Womanly + The Lemonade

So you know by now how supportive I am of my friends right?
Well, here is some more support to my friend Erin and her business. 

T-Shirts and Tanks are available on MsIndependent.net 

And after you get a t-shirt, you must check out Bernadette Thompson's nail colors!  She is based out of New York and has worked with many celebrities! Follow her in IG @bernadettenails

This color is called "Spoiled Rotten"

The Lemonade

So.....I've not tasted the latest flavor of Lemonade by Beyonce yet, but I see the remnants of the juicy hangovers on my timeline....

Her music doesn't really excite me.  I get what angle she is going with, women empowerment, and it great, I'm all for it, let's all burn our bras and bust out a few windows.  But, I still cannot look passed the fact that she IS an entertainer and that all her moves are strategically planned...propaganda...she is throwing jabs at her husband's possible infidelity but, you have to purchase her music on HIS Tidal.  

Trust me, I am not taking anything away from her, she is great at what she does and she produces things that incite commotion which benefits her powerhouse.  Her bank roll is loooooooooooooooooooooooong.  She is a very smart and savvy business woman.  Plus, what I admire really about Beyonce is that she is very tight lipped about her marriage and home life...you all know how I feel about keeping personal matters private...but what's up with the music?

The choppy beat and lyrics.  What happened to the smooth songstress?  I know as an artist, she must evolved to keep with the engagement of her audience, but can we get another "Love On Top"?

Her marketing team has created such a high pedestal and platform for her that much of the mass population do not question the tactics, many of us just raise our hands, bob our heads, and sing/speak along with the words.  I do have Beyonce songs on my playlist but, nothing new in the last 5 years at least.

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April 25, 2016

30s Struggles + None

Funny story about this dress.

I ordered it from my favorite UK retailer, Boohoo.com.  I ordered the appropriated size...UK-10 which equates to a US-6.  The dress arrives.  I'm excited.  Run straight to my room and try it on....well, made a good attempt at least.  It took me a good 10 minutes to figure out how to get into this dress.  There are no zippers in the back or the side.  I try to get it over my head.  I got as far as my chest.  I try stepping into it.  My thighs were saying, "Thou shall not pass!
So how the hell was I going to get this damn thing on???

I stretch the fabric a bit and slip it over my head again.  I wasn't giving up this time.  It took some effort but, I finally got the dress all the way down to my knees.  I couldn't breath. This can't be a 6! It has to be mislabeled! There is no way this dress is the right size and I can barely move!

I logged on to my account for the retailer and look for the next size up. They had it in stock.  Then I realized I got my current size with a coupon and it made the dress very reasonable that it would cost me more to return, and purchase the next size up.  I might as well head to a fabric store and purchase a zipper for the dress, at least then it will be easier to put on.

I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and got what I needed.  Of course I was not going to place this zipper on the dress.  I planned to drop it off to a seamstress.  Days when by and I forget about the dress.

Then one day I am rushing to get to work.  I did not lay anything out so I was scrambling through my closet.  The soft pink hue caught my eye.  Eh, lemme try this again....IT FITS!!! What the hell?!?!?!
What the hell is going on with my body?...that a dress doesn't fit one day, then several days later it fits GREAT!  Hey 30s!  I need you to figure what weight and size you want me to be and stick to it!!


I have no thoughts today...I know, I must be sick...no, my mind has been on a constant speed for a while now, it is time to give it some rest.

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April 23, 2016

#GirlsNightOut + Happy Wife

My friend, Erin, put together an amazing event for her business (MsIndependent).  It was held on a rooftop and I witnessed first hand all the planning and set backs she went through to pull this all together.  I am so proud of her!

....of course in true Northeast style, my boots were not all the way hidden!

And to keep the momentum going with her business and to throw my website in the mix, TC Fitness has agreed to work with myself and MsIndependent to bring together a Fitness to Fineness Class.

See more details HERE.


What's that saying?

"Happy wife, happy life."

How true is this and how happy does a wife need to be or how much does the husband need to do to make his wife happy?  I guess happiness is tailored to the individual.  I would not mind being the supporting role in my future husband's life as long as he treats me like the leading role in his world.  He can be the business man, the bread winner, the stage presence, the speaker of the family...let me be the voice of reason, rational, rhythm, and rhyme.  Yes, he can possibly do that all on his own, yet he should not feel the need to when he has me.  I am here to take some of that off his plate and help him better balance his mind.  We may have our different titles and ventures but, he will have my love, admiration, and support...and I want to have this from him as well.

If a wife is supposed to be the comfort, the peace, the home to a husband, then he should make sure his spouse is at comfort and at peace to make him a home.

He can be a star to the world, have me be the star to his heart.

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April 18, 2016

Rain + Needy

Every now and again, Houston will get horrible rain storms that cause different areas of the city to flood.....and when I say flood, I mean cars fully submerged underwater, houses ruined, and no one is able to leave their home without the concern of safety. 

On the news this morning, a man was seconds away from being trapped in his car that was being consume by the flooded road if he did not get out when he did.

My side of town does not really flood.  We  get a few puddles but, I still do not leave the house since everything I would be going to is in the high flood sections.


Usually women are pegged as the needy ones...well, not from what I've seen lately.  It seems as though men need and seek for validation just as much as women do.  When did you men need so much attention?  Why?

Why can't you call them?
Why do you want to talk to me?
Why do you want to hangout?
Why do you need me to call you?
Why can't you get your own food?
Why do I have to give you all the answers?
Why do I have to follow up on your account?
Why do you need to stand next to me?
Why do I have to ask you about it?
Why do I need to look up something you want?
Why can't you figure out your own schedule?

  For the most part, I am being a bit silly. There is not a man in my life, other than my son who needs my constant attention but, with my friends and their relationships, some of them disclose to me that their guys are constantly calling on to them for tedious tasks....like WHY?!  You are a grown man!  To be fair most of these men are good guys and they just act like helpless babies sometimes and the women do not mind doing what they ask but, I have come across a few men in the last 4 years who have required so much of my time and attention...and I wasn't even dating any of them!

I get that you should cater to your partner and assist with their comfort in a way that it is also comfortable for you.  You should not always have to compromise your routine to accommodate him especially if he is always taking and never giving back in equal portions.  What is he compromising for you?  Is he willing, has done, or is doing the same obstacle course for you?....Maybe this is why I am single but, if being in a relationship means I need to put my life on hold AGAIN...then no thank you. 

A relationship is work and full of finding ways to live well and at peace together.  You definitely do not want to put your partner on the back burner but, you also do not need to give so much of yourself that you are becoming depleted while he is becoming full.

The day I decided to stop giving my all to my last relationship and start reviving me, was the day I began to smile everyday.  My future husband will understand my being just as much as I will understands his because I will not keep my feelings, concerns, or opinions from him and I would not want a man who keeps those things from me either.  If he is going to need me, I am going to need him just as much...and we be balance.

HAVE YOU RSVPd for the upcoming fitness event on May 11th?

See more details HERE.

April 15, 2016

Fitness + Fineness


So is anyone else getting overloaded with all this, eat healthy, S Fit, count calories, no gluten, no bread, no dairy, no sugar, only water, crap???  I know I am.  Everywhere I turn, there is an ad for fitness programs, 1 month free gym membership, detox teas, flavored water, fruit diets, and not to mention some of my friends do boxing cardio, zumba, Pilates, cycling...and I'm just at home like...

I even sat in disbelief when my friend ordered a tofu dish one time when we were at my favorite Thai restaurant....like whyyyyy????  So much good food to chose from and she orders tofu?!  Eh, her belly her choice.  I come and go with the whole idea of fitness and attempting to eat healthy.  It will last for about a week and then I am back to my old ways...

I definitely have an active lifestyle but, not one that requires running shoes and sweatpants.  SO, I figure...to maybe get interested in fitness, I should gather some people and put together a type of "intro to fitness" event.

I reached out to a few friends and asked if they knew any trainers in the Houston area.  I was given a few numbers and emails.  I made calls and sent out proposals.  1 trainer responded within the hour and I met with him the following day to discuss my plans.  He was very interested in working with me so we mapped out the event...
Trainer, Tarion Caldwell, is on board with me to work with the ladies of MsIndependent, plus their friends, to bring them a FREE Fitness to Fineness Class *for WOMEN ONLY* (Sorry boys, nothing personal, I just don't want you guys there.  And plus, this is about me and the ladies, not you are your excuse to skip leg day....yeah, I seen some of your pictures, you need to get those calves together sir.)

Below is the promo video.

Ladies, if you are in the area and would like to attend, please go ahead and follow the link below to get more information and to sign up.  The link is private right now, and you will be the first to RSVP before it goes live on Friday, April, 23. You may contact me with any questions or concerns.

So, you coming or naw?

April 10, 2016

Women's Expo + What They Want

All black down to my socks because I am a fashion ninja.

I borrowed my son's backpack.

On this particular day, I headed over to the Ultimate Women's Expo at the NRG Center in Houston.  It is an event geared towards women with key note speakers and vendors.  My women's social group had a booth there to promote and advertise.  I came to help out along with these fabulous ladies.

What They Want

I recall a few interesting things my friend said to me once about a woman he knows...
(*names are changed)

Summary of what my friend disclosed: Tara is a fitness trainer and so was her boyfriend at the time.  Tara was seeing Robert during the she had a boyfriend.  Tara's boyfriend was Robert's fitness trainer. Tara and Robert eventually stopped seeing each other when he got engaged to someone else and married her.  Robert's parents liked Tara better but, he still married someone else.  At one point Robert asked Tara to train his wife because they were about to go an a vacation....

Of everything in this information, my fiend only seemed to be discerned about the fact Robert wanting to get his wife trained.  To my understanding my friend thought that it was maybe an insult to his wife because he wanted her to get fit....

Here are my two cents:

1. Tara did not display to be a trustworthy partner since she was sleeping with Robert while she also had a boyfriend.

2. How do you know the parents liked her better?  Are you just going off of what she told you? What Tara perceived may have been better but, does she know the type of relationship Robert's wife has with his parents?

3. No matter who the parents liked more, Robert is the one who decided which woman he ultimately wanted to propose to.

4. The only hesitation I see with Robert asking Tara to train his wife is the fact that Robert and Tara used to be intimate...it is unknown if the wife was privy to this information.

5. How do you know that Robert and his wife did not agree before hand to get fit?  You cannot underestimate the communication between husband and wife.

6. Not only for Robert but, also for his wife, being fit and looking good is a benefit to them both.

**Dear friend, if you are reading this and I misinterpreted what you said, please feel free to correct me.

No one will ever know or should ever know the fine details in someone else's marriage.  We cannot always flow with what someone on the outside tells us.  I do not personally know "Tara", my friend says she is a great person and that could be very true and I am not placing any judgement against her.  We all have our reasons for the decisions we make.  My point of this is that a husband and wife have a special relationship, maybe not the best, but their relationship is definitely outlined differently than another relationship that holds another title.  So us being on the outside cannot assume that a husband's request or even a wife's request was not already discussed and agreed upon with their partner.

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April 5, 2016

Reality + Social Men

Perception: Princess Jasmine fell for a man who was a common thief and lied to her about who he was but, he realized he life was so much more than petty crimes and hiding the truth, so he made a change for his love...Disney has ruined us all...

Which is why, ICE CREAM was made!

Houston introduces a new treat shop called, Class 502, in Chinatown that features a popular Thai dessert, rolling ice cream.  You walk in and the seating is actually school desks.  It's super cute.

Social Men

So, I do not hide the fact that I am a creeper.  I entertain the social media outlets and read the bulk of everything I see.  What the women post is pretty common and some how accepted by society's standards...selfies, half naked pictures, makeup how-to's, man bashing, single women empowerment...you know, the usual.  But it is the men who have me at a query....Men have become as much gossip queens and into self-proclamation of value as much as women have.  Why? 

In fact, why do any of us need to showcase ourselves?  Yes, I include me as well. Yet, my opinion may be a bit bias but, I do believe that this whole platform of mindless social construct is a woman's tool.  Am I wrong or is it usually believed that women are the "story-tellers" of everyday news and thoughts.  May be I need to update my way of thinking...nah.

Men, unless you are a motivational speaker or delivering an important message with genuine concern for humanity, why do some of you put so much emphasis on remedial thoughts and need to have a mass audience?  Now, I will say that I do get entertained by some of the men on Instagram who post funny videos or pictures AND I do enjoy reading a man's thoughts on "women's issues" but, my disgusts is more towards the men on Facebook who have an unnecessary sense of...virtue?...Especially when a man does not behave in a manner to receive a round of applause. Or he is just making statements for people [women] to think he is a good man but, in reality he is only making the statement to gain attention and feed his ego...
(Sir, you know you ain't sh*t. Stop it.)

Yes, I do scroll on someone's page to see what they talk about and what type of mentality they have.  Of course, I do not put much emphasis on social media since majority of the time it is used a facade and the person hiding behind it could be much more complex. Yet, even the most complex mind does not post about staying out all night chasing skirts and then fishing for sympathy on being single.

I guess what I am saying is, "Dude, stop the bs, you are single because you chose to be, not because women do not understand you.  There are plenty of us out here.  You cannot convince me that not ONE woman is interested in you.  You either do not like your options or the options you want do not like you, in which case, you date/attracted at the level of your true self-esteem, not the high self-esteem you claim to have on the computer.  If you want a relationship, set your life and behavior to obtain one, otherwise sit down."

As for me, I'm good. I am not looking for dates or doing the whole "woe is me" pout about being single.  I am confident that my future husband will be proud to have me.  I am not out all the time half naked with a bunch of men, I do not talk about intimate topics publicly, and I do not give men a false sense of my availability...or at least I do not intend to...I cannot control how some men translate my personality.

Plus, I have notice recently this pop-culture ideal of thinking of ourselves as Kings and Queens, which is great, we should think the best of ourselves but, even a good King reigns with observation and humility, while a Queen is never too revealing or is the center of a distaste.

Maybe the world has just become so confused and tainted by this new realm of reality and we are all lost in this matrix.

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