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Funny story about this dress.

I ordered it from my favorite UK retailer, Boohoo.com.  I ordered the appropriated size...UK-10 which equates to a US-6.  The dress arrives.  I'm excited.  Run straight to my room and try it on....well, made a good attempt at least.  It took me a good 10 minutes to figure out how to get into this dress.  There are no zippers in the back or the side.  I try to get it over my head.  I got as far as my chest.  I try stepping into it.  My thighs were saying, "Thou shall not pass!
So how the hell was I going to get this damn thing on???

I stretch the fabric a bit and slip it over my head again.  I wasn't giving up this time.  It took some effort but, I finally got the dress all the way down to my knees.  I couldn't breath. This can't be a 6! It has to be mislabeled! There is no way this dress is the right size and I can barely move!

I logged on to my account for the retailer and look for the next size up. They had it in stock.  Then I realized I got my current size with a coupon and it made the dress very reasonable that it would cost me more to return, and purchase the next size up.  I might as well head to a fabric store and purchase a zipper for the dress, at least then it will be easier to put on.

I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and got what I needed.  Of course I was not going to place this zipper on the dress.  I planned to drop it off to a seamstress.  Days when by and I forget about the dress.

Then one day I am rushing to get to work.  I did not lay anything out so I was scrambling through my closet.  The soft pink hue caught my eye.  Eh, lemme try this again....IT FITS!!! What the hell?!?!?!
What the hell is going on with my body?...that a dress doesn't fit one day, then several days later it fits GREAT!  Hey 30s!  I need you to figure what weight and size you want me to be and stick to it!!


I have no thoughts today...I know, I must be sick...no, my mind has been on a constant speed for a while now, it is time to give it some rest.

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