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So is anyone else getting overloaded with all this, eat healthy, S Fit, count calories, no gluten, no bread, no dairy, no sugar, only water, crap???  I know I am.  Everywhere I turn, there is an ad for fitness programs, 1 month free gym membership, detox teas, flavored water, fruit diets, and not to mention some of my friends do boxing cardio, zumba, Pilates, cycling...and I'm just at home like...

I even sat in disbelief when my friend ordered a tofu dish one time when we were at my favorite Thai whyyyyy????  So much good food to chose from and she orders tofu?!  Eh, her belly her choice.  I come and go with the whole idea of fitness and attempting to eat healthy.  It will last for about a week and then I am back to my old ways...

I definitely have an active lifestyle but, not one that requires running shoes and sweatpants.  SO, I maybe get interested in fitness, I should gather some people and put together a type of "intro to fitness" event.

I reached out to a few friends and asked if they knew any trainers in the Houston area.  I was given a few numbers and emails.  I made calls and sent out proposals.  1 trainer responded within the hour and I met with him the following day to discuss my plans.  He was very interested in working with me so we mapped out the event...
Trainer, Tarion Caldwell, is on board with me to work with the ladies of MsIndependent, plus their friends, to bring them a FREE Fitness to Fineness Class *for WOMEN ONLY* (Sorry boys, nothing personal, I just don't want you guys there.  And plus, this is about me and the ladies, not you are your excuse to skip leg day....yeah, I seen some of your pictures, you need to get those calves together sir.)

Below is the promo video.

Ladies, if you are in the area and would like to attend, please go ahead and follow the link below to get more information and to sign up.  The link is private right now, and you will be the first to RSVP before it goes live on Friday, April, 23. You may contact me with any questions or concerns.

So, you coming or naw?

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