#GirlsNightOut + Happy Wife

My friend, Erin, put together an amazing event for her business (MsIndependent).  It was held on a rooftop and I witnessed first hand all the planning and set backs she went through to pull this all together.  I am so proud of her!

....of course in true Northeast style, my boots were not all the way hidden!

And to keep the momentum going with her business and to throw my website in the mix, TC Fitness has agreed to work with myself and MsIndependent to bring together a Fitness to Fineness Class.

See more details HERE.


What's that saying?

"Happy wife, happy life."

How true is this and how happy does a wife need to be or how much does the husband need to do to make his wife happy?  I guess happiness is tailored to the individual.  I would not mind being the supporting role in my future husband's life as long as he treats me like the leading role in his world.  He can be the business man, the bread winner, the stage presence, the speaker of the family...let me be the voice of reason, rational, rhythm, and rhyme.  Yes, he can possibly do that all on his own, yet he should not feel the need to when he has me.  I am here to take some of that off his plate and help him better balance his mind.  We may have our different titles and ventures but, he will have my love, admiration, and support...and I want to have this from him as well.

If a wife is supposed to be the comfort, the peace, the home to a husband, then he should make sure his spouse is at comfort and at peace to make him a home.

He can be a star to the world, have me be the star to his heart.

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