Rain + Needy

Every now and again, Houston will get horrible rain storms that cause different areas of the city to flood.....and when I say flood, I mean cars fully submerged underwater, houses ruined, and no one is able to leave their home without the concern of safety. 

On the news this morning, a man was seconds away from being trapped in his car that was being consume by the flooded road if he did not get out when he did.

My side of town does not really flood.  We  get a few puddles but, I still do not leave the house since everything I would be going to is in the high flood sections.


Usually women are pegged as the needy ones...well, not from what I've seen lately.  It seems as though men need and seek for validation just as much as women do.  When did you men need so much attention?  Why?

Why can't you call them?
Why do you want to talk to me?
Why do you want to hangout?
Why do you need me to call you?
Why can't you get your own food?
Why do I have to give you all the answers?
Why do I have to follow up on your account?
Why do you need to stand next to me?
Why do I have to ask you about it?
Why do I need to look up something you want?
Why can't you figure out your own schedule?

  For the most part, I am being a bit silly. There is not a man in my life, other than my son who needs my constant attention but, with my friends and their relationships, some of them disclose to me that their guys are constantly calling on to them for tedious tasks....like WHY?!  You are a grown man!  To be fair most of these men are good guys and they just act like helpless babies sometimes and the women do not mind doing what they ask but, I have come across a few men in the last 4 years who have required so much of my time and attention...and I wasn't even dating any of them!

I get that you should cater to your partner and assist with their comfort in a way that it is also comfortable for you.  You should not always have to compromise your routine to accommodate him especially if he is always taking and never giving back in equal portions.  What is he compromising for you?  Is he willing, has done, or is doing the same obstacle course for you?....Maybe this is why I am single but, if being in a relationship means I need to put my life on hold AGAIN...then no thank you. 

A relationship is work and full of finding ways to live well and at peace together.  You definitely do not want to put your partner on the back burner but, you also do not need to give so much of yourself that you are becoming depleted while he is becoming full.

The day I decided to stop giving my all to my last relationship and start reviving me, was the day I began to smile everyday.  My future husband will understand my being just as much as I will understands his because I will not keep my feelings, concerns, or opinions from him and I would not want a man who keeps those things from me either.  If he is going to need me, I am going to need him just as much...and we be balance.

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