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Perception: Princess Jasmine fell for a man who was a common thief and lied to her about who he was but, he realized he life was so much more than petty crimes and hiding the truth, so he made a change for his love...Disney has ruined us all.

So, I do not hide the fact that I am a creeper.  I entertain the social media outlets and read the bulk of everything I see.  What the women post is pretty common and some how accepted by society's standards...selfies, half naked pictures, makeup how-to's, man bashing, single women know, the usual.  But it is the men who have me at a query....Men have become as much gossip queens and into self-proclamation of value as much as women have.  Why? 

In fact, why do any of us need to showcase ourselves?  Yes, I include me as well. Yet, my opinion may be a bit bias but, I do believe that this whole platform of mindless social construct is a woman's tool.  Am I wrong or is it usually believed that women are the "story-tellers" of everyday news and thoughts.  May be I need to update my way of thinking...nah.

Men, unless you are a motivational speaker or delivering an important message with genuine concern for humanity, why do some of you put so much emphasis on remedial thoughts and need to have a mass audience?  Now, I will say that I do get entertained by some of the men on Instagram who post funny videos or pictures AND I do enjoy reading a man's thoughts on "women's issues" but, my disgusts is more towards the men on Facebook who have an unnecessary sense of...virtue?...Especially when a man does not behave in a manner to receive a round of applause. Or he is just making statements for people [women] to think he is a good man but, in reality he is only making the statement to gain attention and feed his ego...
(Sir, you know you ain't sh*t. Stop it.)

Yes, I do scroll on someone's page to see what they talk about and what type of mentality they have.  Of course, I do not put much emphasis on social media since majority of the time it is used a facade and the person hiding behind it could be much more complex. Yet, even the most complex mind does not post about staying out all night chasing skirts and then fishing for sympathy on being single.

I guess what I am saying is, "Dude, stop the bs, you are single because you chose to be, not because women do not understand you.  There are plenty of us out here.  You cannot convince me that not ONE woman is interested in you.  You either do not like your options or the options you want do not like you, in which case, you date/attracted at the level of your true self-esteem, not the high self-esteem you claim to have on the computer.  If you want a relationship, set your life and behavior to obtain one, otherwise sit down."

As for me, I'm good. I am not looking for dates or doing the whole "woe is me" pout about being single.  I am confident that my future husband will be proud to have me.  I am not out all the time half naked with a bunch of men, I do not talk about intimate topics publicly, and I do not give men a false sense of my availability...or at least I do not intend to...I cannot control how some men translate my personality.

Plus, I have notice recently this pop-culture ideal of thinking of ourselves as Kings and Queens, which is great, we should think the best of ourselves but, even a good King reigns with observation and humility, while a Queen is never too revealing or is the center of a distaste.

Maybe the world has just become so confused and tainted by this new realm of reality and we are all lost in this matrix.

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