So Womanly + The Lemonade

So you know by now how supportive I am of my friends right?
Well, here is some more support to my friend Erin and her business. 

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The Lemonade

So.....I've not tasted the latest flavor of Lemonade by Beyonce yet, but I see the remnants of the juicy hangovers on my timeline....

Her music doesn't really excite me.  I get what angle she is going with, women empowerment, and it great, I'm all for it, let's all burn our bras and bust out a few windows.  But, I still cannot look passed the fact that she IS an entertainer and that all her moves are strategically planned...propaganda...she is throwing jabs at her husband's possible infidelity but, you have to purchase her music on HIS Tidal.  

Trust me, I am not taking anything away from her, she is great at what she does and she produces things that incite commotion which benefits her powerhouse.  Her bank roll is loooooooooooooooooooooooong.  She is a very smart and savvy business woman.  Plus, what I admire really about Beyonce is that she is very tight lipped about her marriage and home all know how I feel about keeping personal matters private...but what's up with the music?

The choppy beat and lyrics.  What happened to the smooth songstress?  I know as an artist, she must evolved to keep with the engagement of her audience, but can we get another "Love On Top"?

Her marketing team has created such a high pedestal and platform for her that much of the mass population do not question the tactics, many of us just raise our hands, bob our heads, and sing/speak along with the words.  I do have Beyonce songs on my playlist but, nothing new in the last 5 years at least.

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