Women's Expo + What They Want

All black down to my socks because I am a fashion ninja.

I borrowed my son's backpack.

On this particular day, I headed over to the Ultimate Women's Expo at the NRG Center in Houston.  It is an event geared towards women with key note speakers and vendors.  My women's social group had a booth there to promote and advertise.  I came to help out along with these fabulous ladies.

What They Want

I recall a few interesting things my friend said to me once about a woman he knows...
(*names are changed)

Summary of what my friend disclosed: Tara is a fitness trainer and so was her boyfriend at the time.  Tara was seeing Robert during the she had a boyfriend.  Tara's boyfriend was Robert's fitness trainer. Tara and Robert eventually stopped seeing each other when he got engaged to someone else and married her.  Robert's parents liked Tara better but, he still married someone else.  At one point Robert asked Tara to train his wife because they were about to go an a vacation....

Of everything in this information, my fiend only seemed to be discerned about the fact Robert wanting to get his wife trained.  To my understanding my friend thought that it was maybe an insult to his wife because he wanted her to get fit....

Here are my two cents:

1. Tara did not display to be a trustworthy partner since she was sleeping with Robert while she also had a boyfriend.

2. How do you know the parents liked her better?  Are you just going off of what she told you? What Tara perceived may have been better but, does she know the type of relationship Robert's wife has with his parents?

3. No matter who the parents liked more, Robert is the one who decided which woman he ultimately wanted to propose to.

4. The only hesitation I see with Robert asking Tara to train his wife is the fact that Robert and Tara used to be intimate...it is unknown if the wife was privy to this information.

5. How do you know that Robert and his wife did not agree before hand to get fit?  You cannot underestimate the communication between husband and wife.

6. Not only for Robert but, also for his wife, being fit and looking good is a benefit to them both.

**Dear friend, if you are reading this and I misinterpreted what you said, please feel free to correct me.

No one will ever know or should ever know the fine details in someone else's marriage.  We cannot always flow with what someone on the outside tells us.  I do not personally know "Tara", my friend says she is a great person and that could be very true and I am not placing any judgement against her.  We all have our reasons for the decisions we make.  My point of this is that a husband and wife have a special relationship, maybe not the best, but their relationship is definitely outlined differently than another relationship that holds another title.  So us being on the outside cannot assume that a husband's request or even a wife's request was not already discussed and agreed upon with their partner.

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