Crawfish + Affairs

What's a woman without her pearls? (and a Tranformers t-shirt.)

Moving on...

I did not know about crawfish until I came to Texas.  It seem like so much work just for a quick thrill...much like a man...(Just kidding.  Sorry, had to throw that in there!)  Apparently, it's a southern epidemic!  My friends have taught me the ways to the crawfish!!!  We recently ventured to Crawfish & Noodle in Chinatown........The sauce that these things are marinated in is the BUSINESS!  It's flavorful and really spicy!


My friend sent me this video and demanded I be still and watch....after, I asked him...

"Are you telling me you are having an affair sir?"

Lol..I was kidding with him. He's a good guy.

I watched it and agree for the most part. 

We can feel "trapped" in our marriages or relationships that a part of us wants to 'escape' but, still need to feel a sense of being wanted in the same aspect of how it was when we began seeing our spouse/gf/bf.  In a relationship, we are held to a higher regard with a level of expectation because we have to consider someone else, our's not just me, myself, and I.

So even though is it a human instinct to feel these 'urges' and act upon does not make the action right or justified.

Could I have been a better partner to my ex? Yes, I am not perfect, I could have loved him more, been more supportive, and more attentive to his needs.  He could have also did the same and there are many other things that resorted to our demise but, does that excuse his actions of putting our relationship aside to fulfill his want to have someone look at him as a monarch? No.  Wrong decision making leads to bad actions which further lead to the end of what may have been.
Oh well *Kanye shrugs*

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