Curls + Brunch

Be in Love with Life. 

I challenged Houston's humidity with my hair....I failed.  
But, it was nice while it lasted!


Do you ever recall as a child hearing your mother say that she was going to meet up with her friends for a late morning meal.  Or even going out with your friends for an early afternoon meal?  I am not sure where the concept of brunch came from but, I like it.  In the last few years, I have 'brunched' a lot!  That 11am-1pm time frame is just perfect to have a breakfast-lunch combination meal.  My father pokes fun of the idea and calls it "fancy" while my kids consider it fun with mom and my friends consider it girl talk time.  I love it all the same.

 Brio Tuscan Grille:
My kids are not yet at the age where they get excited about a hole in the wall Indian Restaurant but, they are at an age where they like to try different foods and be out of the house with me.

I always pass up Brio because it is a chain restaurant and there is nothing extremely special about the menu.  The other times I have dined here was due to someone else's planning. Although I do not have any complaints and the food is good. I do leave here pleased each time.

Lobster Bisque
Lobster and Crab Cake 

 This is a quaint little place hidden in Rice Village but, boy is the food good!  My friends and I gathered for some fresh plates.

Lox & Avocado Toast
Lemon Pudding Cake


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