Linen Fresh + Not I


 It is linen, it flows, it has pockets, and I Love it!

Just $40 at Marshall's
I am so impressed with the comfort, style, and functionality of this dress that I had to look up the designer, Malvin.  Of course, this is a European line and now I had to figure out the currency exchange for a few pieces that caught my eyes.

The kids and I headed to Hughes Landing for some guacamole and other good eats at Del Frisco's Grille.  Then we hung around the area for a bit.

In the evening....

I  met up with a gal pal for sushi and afterwards we both felt the need for a laugh; she was exhausted with her week and I was in dyer need of a good chuckle, so we headed to see "The Boss" with Melissa McCarty....a great laugh out loud movie!

Not I

I joke a lot about men and dating but, the reality is, my mind is in no place to really consider someone full time in my life...and many men cannot comprehend that but, if they are just as busy and focused as I am, then they should understand.

Again, with some of these statements, I am being a bit dramatic, yet very honest.  Could I have someone in my life?  Maybe, if I were willing to make a few compromises.  But, this man would have to be extremely amazing for me to consider it.  Not that I do not know any amazing men, I know several but, the communication and understanding between myself and a man must be playing on the same accord.  "Dating" is spending a good a amount to time dedicated to someone who you would possibly marry and I am not spending any amount of time with a man that may be considered dating.  There is one man that comes to mind who is very much marriage material but, the man who wants me will need to have a lot of patience with me and I will NOT be the one to pursue a man about a relationship (see HERE).  My emotions are very detached and I am far from being affectionate.  Yet, the man who is blessed enough to have me will also have all my warmth and devotion.

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