3 + Priorities

It has been us 3 well before the separation of their father and I.  
We've been a team since Gabriel came into the world.

Dress: Urban Outfitters


So, we all know I'm single....if you are new here, 
Hello, my name is Raya and I am single. Welcome to my mad house! 

The question once again...."Why are you single." My instant response has become, "Why are you wasting my life with this foolish question?"...but, that would not be 'good human' of me.  So, I simply say that I have low tolerance for intolerable men.


Look, I know there are great men out here but, I've become so conditioned in my way of life the last 4 years that to derail my attention on a man who doesn't understand my individuality and respect it *insert Birdman line*....

 In which case, I have no tolerance for his complaints or requests of me if he rather only consider his preferences.  It is not as widely admitted or spoken but, generally some men cannot accept a woman being "able" without him.  Why?  Why would you not want a woman who doesn't need to call on you for everything?  Especially if you, yourself, have your own daily schedule for success and growth???  We can collaborate and come together but, I am still a whole separate person from you. 

If he is going to get upset that I do not return a call or text message within the same hour...or sometimes the same day (yes, I tend to be bad at responding)...
then we cannot go together.

If he tries to dig into my past experiences to validate why I am not opening up to him...
then we cannot go together. 

If he attempts to play on my insecurities to understand why I don't want to be with him...
we cannot go together.

If he feels that I waste MY MONEY on things that he believes are lavish and unnecessary...
then we cannot go together.

If he fusses about me spending time with my family in between everything else I do...
then we cannot go together.

If he assumes that my absence towards him is due to me considering someone else...he may be right BUT, unless I say it and he still makes assumptions...
then we cannot go together.

I am very honest about my relationship hesitations and my family values; if a man wants to turn what I say to him against me, then I am not the one with the problem.  Understand me as I am or find someone else who is willing to change for you.  I'll make exceptions but, only for the right man.  My priority in my future relationship is to be understanding with the basis of logical reasoning and to also be understood.


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