Comfort + Entitlement

Never hide behind your insecurities and allow unhealthy people in your life who feed off those insecurities.  Always think the most of yourself and know that you can change paths to better surroundings. - LoveRaya

The first I do when I get home is kick off my heels. I really do not like wearing them that much but, they do complete an outfit so I guess I'll take it.

Sometimes the kids and I just like to sit on the driveway and have philosophical conversations about life.....and bubbles.


Do you ever come across people who always feel they are owed something (a compliment, praise, opportunity, sympathy, etc.) and every time you speak to them they always try to "one up" you or just have the last word in everything because they feel that their accomplishments or lack there of, their emotions, their experiences, is enough to shade yours?

Here is my thought on this type of person...

You were given your obstacles, I was given mine.  What I was built for and what you were built for may not be parallel.  This doesn't make me better than you or you better than me.  Your journey will not be exact to someone else's because we all make our own decisions accompanied with the sources available to us individually.  Always trying to shade my accomplishments, my joy, my setbacks, and my pain by speaking at me or trying to dismiss me with your stories instead of emphasizing with me, speaks upon poor characteristics.

And, if you noticed, most "entitled" people always add the reasons of their accomplishment by mentioning how someone else could not complete a task or come through for them and the reason for their setback is again due to someone else. It is very much like a sore winner and a sore loser, no one enjoys too much time around either of them.

Take pride in what you do with humility.
Accept what you have not been able to do with humility.

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I finally made it to Liberty Kitchen in The Heights!

I ordered the Wood Grilled Oyster Casino Butter and Hot Smoked Seattle Salmon Slab (not pictured). My friend ordered herslef the Classic Jungle Gorilla Burger Bowl. (minus the egg and fries, she's being health conscious....boooo!)

I loved what I ordered.  The salmon was flavorful and not over cooked.  The oysters were creamy and I liked the crumbs they dressed them with.  My friend enjoyed her's as well but, said the plate was over saturated with the ranch sauce and the salad had too much of the sweet vinaigrette.  

The place is small and quaint. It is also surrounded by other small restaurants and cafes. 
Parking is tight but, manageable.

After lunch, we headed over to A 2nd Cup.

This is such a unique coffee shop! 

It is a federal nonprofit shop: Their mission is to bring awareness to human trafficking in Houston (more and more cases of it are being reported). Proceeds help to assist employees and volunteers stop this this growing epidemic that negatively effects our community.


Stephanie said…
Some people are just raised wrong or they did learn better buy just chose not to do better. People like this are usually always bitter too. Always trying to make themselves look better to people they just met but in reality they are continuing to keep themselves back.
Raya L. said…
I believe that some people feel very justified in their way of life that they are not open to understanding someone else's point of views. We can disagree in agreement that we will not succumb to each other's opinions but we can still listen and come to a middle ground. The only thing that is constant is "Change", if you refuse to do, then you cannot complain about your circumstances or how you decisions play out.

People do tend to tell their personal matters to strangers because there is an unbiased comfort level that's felt when we meet new people. I have learned not to reveal so much in first meeting someone because I do not know what type of person they are or what their true intentions of me are.

People can be very quick to revert back what you once told them and turn it against you, so we all have to be mindful of that.

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