Daddy Dearest

This is Daddy Dearest. 

Daddy Dearest came into my life when I was 5 years old. 

Daddy Dearest came to all my school activities. 

Daddy Dearest worked hard to give me the best.

Daddy Dearest spoils my children worse than he has spoiled me.

Daddy Dearest tolerates my foolishness. 

Daddy Dearest continues to raise me.

Daddy Dearest won't let me drive his new little two-seater.

I love my Daddy Dearest. ❤


You can't tell me a damn thing about MY DADDY!  He is my air.  He has always supported me even when he did not agree with my decisions he didn't tell me I was wrong, he just let me learn my own lessons.  I am forever his child.  When I am around him, I act very much as a child like asking him to make me a sandwich and cutting off the crusts, and although he may seem irritated with me at times, I don't care, I'm still a clown around him!  I am very much an Untamed Daughter.

Enjoy the day!


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