Efforts + Positive

You have to do more than just "Show Up" in life.

If you want great opportunities, you have to put in the effort to receive them.

The decisions you made before today are your ladders. If you did not make the best decisions, do not expect second chances or blame others for your missteps; instead, proceed forth and make better choices for yourself. - LoveRaya

This whole look is from Target.
I swear, even if I have an endless bank account, I could never turn my back on stores like Target. (I even hold 2 stock shares in this establishment.) 

Now, the Cheesecake Factory is not on top of my favorites list but, it deserves credit for making good treats...

Shrimp Summer Rolls, Suasage and Ricotta Flatbread, Dulce De Leche Caramel Cheesecake
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I do my best to always carry positive thoughts.  Yet, I am still human and have a very unpositive side as well but, for the most part, good vibes get the upper hand.

I always find that when I allow and embrace a glass as being half full, the thought of it being half empty doesn't even occur.  I won't discuss why I couldn't do something but, rather discuss what changes I made to get it done.

I work a 9-5 like most of you and my title requires me to be very organized, detailed, and able to articulate my thoughts in a professional manner.  I am at ease when I am left alone to complete my work BUT, that is not how my day usually works.  Something always comes up, cancels, doesn't go as planned, more calls to be made, new reports to be completed, emails to be answered, meetings to schedule, etc....and in the beginning, I would let all unexpected tasks to bother me and derail my focus.  I would shut down, not communicate with my co-workers, and get overwhelmed but, I have learned to think progressively and give ample time for each task because I knew I was capable and I had to block out the negative thoughts I was creating towards myself.

  Sometimes I have an 8 hour day, sometimes it is a 10 hour day, and sometimes I am doing work at home, during the weekends.  This does not bother me because it makes my work day go smoother and if I spend a few hours at home to have a better work week, then so be it.  I like being able to better manage my office and being able to give attention to what needs my immediate attention, like taking meetings and making necessary calls.  I understand that not all jobs or careers allow this type of advances and requires all work to be done in office.  Yet, there is always a way to make your day go well, you just need to find a productive groove and ride it out.

But not just at work do I practice a less taxing mindset, my overall lifestyle reveals it.

My demeanor is 90% lively (I give 10% to my bad days, I am not void of having those every once and a while.) I congratulate and praise those whom are doing well.  Even if I am not in full support of someone, I will still encourage them because I know not everyone's journey will be similar to mine.  And, I do not allow someone's misfortune or bad experiences to hinder my mood or make exchange on my good thoughts.

Plus, another behavior and thought I have adapted through positive thinking is...

A man can be head of the house but, I will maintain the household with or without him.

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