Fairytales + Food Bank

I like dressing up.  I enjoy being a woman.  I aspire to be an image of class.
I do not always dress in form fitting dresses, sometimes I  gravitate to a more girlish look. 

Food Bank

As much as I love food...I mean, it's probably a sin how much I love and consume food...and my kids share the same enthusiasm...

 ...but, I cannot forget that there are families who do not live the same lifestyle as myself and my children. I volunteer at the Houston Food Bank at least a few times a year, this time I decided to bring my daughter and have her be a part of something this is meaningful to her community.  I am not sure if she fully comprehended why we were there but, she enjoyed the work she did and asked when she could do it again....Yeah...my attempts on raising a good human aren't all lost. 

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Anonymous said…
Hi Ms. Raya. I enjoy your posts. It's great you give time to the community.

Are you still "seeing" the friend who lives out of state? Not wanting to pry, just curious. There has not been much mention of him lately.

Have a great holiday weekend Miss.
Anonymous said…
Also, I wanted to add that it seems like it's been a year since you and the gentleman have been acquainted. Have you thought of something more serious with him? I read in your last post that you may feel you are not a good fit to be in a relationship but how can you be sure if you do not give it a chance?

The man seems to have been patient enough to keep contact with you, why not consider him?
Raya L. said…
Hello, thank you for your interest in my website and taking time out to comment.

Due to the content of your comments, I feel like you know me personally but, I cannot be too sure since my posts are very open, and whether you do know me or not isn't vital information to my response....

Yes, I am still in contact with the young man. I cannot speak for him, so I do not know what thoughts he may have of us going forward and it is possible he may not have serious thoughts at all. For all I know, he may be dating and has taken interest in someone but, if that were the case, he'd relay that information to me. So, I do not harp on thoughts like that.

If we do so wish to further our connection, I'm sure it will be discussed when the time is right but, for now we have certain plans we want to see through for ourselves.

You enjoy your weekend as well.
Raya L. said…
Plus, I don't know how interested he would be with having a lady who is a blogger....granted I would never divulge personal details about our relationship but, he may be subject to becoming my photographer! Lol. :)

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