The Heat + Never Too Strong

Can Houston's heat index be any worse???!!!! 
Lawd, the heat out here is insane!  To keep from cutting off all my hair, I had to learn to wrap my hair anytime I am going to be outside for more than 2 seconds.

**I just need to be careful with where I wear this particular headdress...I mean, I AM in Texas....just kidding...maybe I'm not.

Dress: Upscale Boutique (The Woodlands, TX)
Scarf & Earrings: Sam Moon

Never Too Strong

No woman, or man for that matter, is too strong to not want or yearn for someone to comfort them, give them affection, and make them feel most loved.

I have not gotten to this point in my life yet but, I can empathize with the thought.  As structured as I am making my life to be, there is still a missing piece that will not necessarily complete my composition but, could have me feeling more "appreciated and valued."

.....and then there's a show called "WAGS"

Why....WHY! did I fall victim to an episode of this nonsense?

In summary, just image the Kardashian/Jenner clan times Real Housewives of Whatever....yes, I feel horrible about it....The only thing I could make of the one episode is that the show is about women who are married, wanting to be married, or attempting to date athletes.  

One young lady (whom I first seen on Instagram a few months back; she was wearing a dress sold by one of the shops where I've ordered a few items), stated she was on a break with her athlete.  At one point in the episode she claimed she misses him and there was a clip of her telling him about not being sure what she wanted when he talked about moving in together and getting married. Then you see a clip of a future episode of her crying in the bathroom talking on the phone with the athlete telling him that his behavior is making it seem he doesn't love or care for her...oh honey, we've all been there, men always have their own plans separate from us.  Sometimes it will come together for us, other times you just get left in the dark and finally make the decision to move on.

Another young lady just began dating another athlete and was grilled by his mom at a charity function.  Right now, the couple seems smitten.  A third woman is living with her boyfriend who has not popped the question and yet, she caters to him hand and foot; she even went bridal gown shopping with an engaged friend and tried on dresses herself...I'll let you have your own thoughts about that...

And the friend who is getting married is making the wedding more than what her fiance expected. (Hey, future husband, I'm okay with just getting an ordained minister and getting married while on a weekend getaway, just make the proposal something amazing.)  Then there is the last woman who is not dating anyone but, she keeps flirting with the boyfriend of the girl who was grilled by his mother.  So, there is plenty of unnecessary "look-at-me" disputes mixed in between the ladies...Confused yet?...Good, because I am sure the confusion grows in the future episodes...I tried, no thank you, I'd rather stick with Sheldon and Detective Benson.

I used to enjoy reality tv but, now I find myself so turned away by them.  The plot seems to always be the same and you can expect a cat-fight or a few scandals in most of the episodes because, well....that is what drives ratings.  Hey, I'm sure these women know what they signed up for.  They probably like the attention and publicity and get a nice paycheck for being a part of the show but, WHYYYY must women behave in such manners?

What if I had a reality show? Oh gosh, I don't even want to imagine!  But, if I was dating an athlete and on a reality show about it, I'd be dropping my business venture and/or advertising it in EVERY scene, on every FB post, on each IG caption, and G+ tags!  Because I am not just some basic girl wearing a nice dress with good makeup who can only offer pretty babies!...He'll make his money and I'll make mine; when we are married, we'll make it together.

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