Lawless + SoXial Chix

I don't follow fashion rules when wearing white.  It's one of my favorite colors to wear.
This outfit is a bit unique.  It is actually 2 pieces from 2 separate outfits.

The left picture is the one piece dress that I tucked the top part down to make a skirt.
Then I used the top of the second look to complete the style.

SoXial Chix

I made new connections with the two vibrant women of SoXial Chix, Kiki & Shi.
They host a web show on YouTube.  They discuss topics pertaining to women, social media news, men, relationships, and tie in their own thoughts.

Over the weekend, they invited me and several other ladies for a Bohemian theme dinner party celebrating "Us"...Women.  (I wore the above look to the event.)

The layout was just gorgeous with floor seating, woven rugs, decorative pillows, and colorful place mats.  The room was full of energetic and passionate women who discussed topics of men, dating, sex, and first loves.  Everyone was open to share their thoughts and was non-judgmental to others whom shared their stories...some stories were more than what I was prepared for! But it was all in good nature...There definitely was plenty of reminiscing and laughs throughout the night!

A few business cards were exchanged at the end and plans for another gathering was mentioned.

We even got to take home the pillows as a Thank You gift.  How great is that?!

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