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We do tend to hold on to the memories, thoughts, feelings, and gestures of a person or relationship even though, these things may not be good for our aura. We hold on because we want for something to change or to have that same happy moment again but, unfortunately we cannot control the change in others, only ourselves. 😔

Have you ever stayed in a relationship longer than you should have?  Why?
Because the person you once loved with all their flaws has now become the person you can't stand?
You must learn to let go.....and Let Live.

Yes, people do change but, that doesn't mean they grow. And people mostly change for benefit of themselves not necessarily for others.  😒...but this notion should not always be frowned upon.

I made changes over the years that help me to progress and succeed as an individual.  Some of my changes have made me "seem" heartless but, really, I'm just more enthusiastic and focused on my future.

In a different aspect, people may change to better find ways to "manipulate" others.  Finding better ways to hide secrets or learning other outlets to get only their needs met...selfishness

Just because you spent a lot of time "investing" in someone, doesn't mean it is a good investment.  Sometimes you have to count your losses and allow better means to be presented in your life.


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