Royal Caribbean Cruise 2016

Our family cruise this year was on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Liberty of the Seas Ship.

We sailed out of Galveston, TX with 3 port days....

Here is what to expect on a Cruise
*Note: Some ships do not have all these features but will offer something comparable 

Several restaurants to choose from, formal and non
Plenty of Bars
A Casino
Designer and Logo Shops with Daily Specials
Many Raffels
Ship Tours
Chef's Table Dining options
Kids Club
Teen Lounge
Great Gym
Full Spa
Rock Climbing Wall
Shuffleboard Pool
Kiddie Pools
Hot Tubs
Jogging Track
Sun Deck
The features are just ENDLESS!

I barley saw my children after they learned about the kids club.  The ages are separated so all the kids are not just thrown in one room and the hosts provide fun activities to entertain your children while you head to the gym, a show....or the know, because you're a responsible parent. 😎

The food was mediocre to great. In the main dining area, you have a buffet of assorted foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, American, Indian, Asian, etc.  For the most part, I went for the salads and seafood because I'm doing this whole fitness healthy bs. (-___-)...but some nights, I DID NOT pass on desserts!

Usually on ships, there are two designated formal nights for dinner or you can be classic and dress up each night for dinner in the one of the formal dining halls...I saw many people go all out with dinner gowns and 3 piece suits! 

The first formal night, I wore an already seen dress from New York & Company.  My kids did not join me for dinner since they wanted to make friends and go off with them. (-___-)

But with the second for formal night, I DEMANDED them to come...even though they didn't stay, whachu gonna do.

Aren't my babies looking so innocent! Lol.
My dinner dress for this night was from Nordstrom.

And usually by the time dinner is over, your stateroom has been cleaned with a towel animal waiting to greet you. I named the little guy below, Filipe!

We stopped at 3 ports, Honduras, Costa Maya, Mexico, and Cozumel, Mexico. 

I could do without seeing Honduras again, it was very overbearing considering all the locals wanting your attention, primarily for a cost and they are not apologetic about it.

The Mexican ports were nice with good shops you can haggle prices at...never accept the first price...I did not venture out too long at each stop.  You can opted to do excursions which you can purchase before the cruise or while you are sailing.  They offer cave diving, snorkeling, swimming with Dolphins, and so much more!

For the most of the cruise, I was left to my own devices, which many of you should know, I do not mind at all!  I love my alone time and there are so many people on the ship that you end up making acquaintances each day.  So there is really no downfall to family does it every year.  My father sometimes cruises twice a year.  << I want to be like this man when I grow up!

Now....who's coming with me on the next one!!


Melissa Woods said…
Nice photos, food is just delicious, besides if you like cruises, you can try this is great way to spend vacation well.
Raya L. said…
I will definitely look into that! Thank you!

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