Luxor by Muneera & Constantly Working

I did a picture shoot with the gorgeous Muneera who owns an online shop on Etsy. *Like seriously, this woman is the epitome of beauty and she just had twin girls 3 months ago!! 💎 >> Go look at her IG:@muneera_o (You might get blinded by her flawlessness!)👑 

Her embellished kaftan dresses are sultry! ❤ IG: @luxorbymuneera 🛍

Store Website: Luxor by Muneera

Constantly Working 

Even though I highlight the times I spend with my friends and being social, that is only a blip of my life.  My days are really consumed with my regular 9-5, piled with posting blogs, networking, meeting with other business people, assisting others with their goals, studying finances, planning, reorganizing, reprioritizing, homework help, lunch dates with the kids, allowing them to deplete my bank account, bothering Daddy Dearest, annoying my siblings...etc. 

But, along the way, I do meet some great people...


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