Toys R Us Kid + Secrets

The meaning of life is to give life meaning. 💎🎀🏆

Dress: Fashion Nova
Shoes: BCBG

I took the kids to Toys R Us but, ended up getting a new friend! 
His name is Caspian. 
(*The name is from The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis)



Is this true?....Yes...well, for me it is.

I mainly do not reveal my true feelings for a man until he shows me he has similar feelings for me and this is for several reasons. 

1. Since my emotions can be fickle, I may not feel the same way about a man a month later, a week later, a day later.  I want to be sure I will continue to like and enjoy this man long term, so the time I spend with him is time that I am assessing the connection between the two of us, if we can have disagreements and still be around one another, if he maintains himself as a gentleman in a room of ignorance, if he behaves as a man to be admired in the most harsh obstacles...

2. If he does not think of me the same way, then I'll just be a foolish woman chasing after a man who has his mind somewhere else...and remember ladies, we don't chase!  Past Post HERE and *My next post will reflect this topic also.

Okay, some of you may say, "Well, he may feel the same way and just wants you to tell him first." - This is true BUT, again, I am the woman and he is the man. See past posts HERE & HERE.

I will not respect a relationship if I must lead it in.

And when my feelings are gone, they've been far gone before I even say something to you about it.  Woman are dwelling creatures.  We think and plan to ourselves before we make it known.

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