What Makes Him Undateable?

What Makes a Man Undateable?

We date for the purpose of something more significant correct?  I'm not a contender of dating more than one person at a time; I believe you should focus your energy on getting to know a single person rather than juggling or spreading yourself thin with trying to manage your time and attention with several people.

Besides, you become less of a good catch when you make yourself romantically accessible to a handful of people. So when getting to know someone, how do you eliminate the "maybe better as friends" from the "potential husbands"?

I don't need to give a long lecture of what to think about, you probably already think about these next five points but, for kicks, let's highlight these flags:

1. When discussing relationships or commitments, he hesitates, draws back, or does not give serious input on the topic. OR, (and ladies never avoid this one) if he tells you he doesn't want a relationship, whether he says he doesn't want one with you or anyone else, LISTEN TO HIM.  He's already made it clear that he is undatable and if you try to coerce him to changing his mind, he will resent you and you will not have the happy ending you initially intended.  Remember, a man chooses his spouse, while a woman can either say Yes or No. (Also, if he is married, then he is definitely UNDATEABLE!)

2. You are always the one adjusting your time and schedule to accommodate him. He can depend on you but, you can rarely depend on him.  You find yourself canceling, leaving early, missing appointments, or rescheduling time with others just to appease him or come to his aid.

3. Your efforts and consideration is greater than his. You are giving more than you are receiving. He asks you for things and you do your best to achieve what he wants but, when you make a request, he falls short of it.

4. When your having a bad day or need a shoulder to lean on, he's absent and not just once but, each time you really need him, he's unavailable...mentally and/or physically.

5. He doesn't pursue you! A man who wants you will go against all of the above and make you feel appreciated, special, and important to him. This doesn't mean that he will "chase" you because no one should need to go to those lengths to obtain a partner but, he will consciously have you see that he truly wants to invest a future in you.

Now, I am not saying that a man who meets all these 5 points is forever undateable, he may just be at a place in his life where he cannot think about anyone else.  If this is the case, then accept that.  Again, don't try to coerce him to want you or force him into a relationship that he never asked for.

- Love Raya

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