Decisions: UPDATED 11/9

True indeed.

I have made many questionable choices in my life that could have went wrong, have went wrong, or worked out for the best.   I made a choice to change my life by packing up and driving 24 hours to rebuild.  I made a choice to change career paths and I've not looked back since.  I've also made dangerous choices like allowing 3 unknown men in my car and driving them to a particular location. (Please don't tell me Daddy.)  I've even hung out all night with a man I met randomly at a bar whom was from out of town and kept offering me drinks. (Please don't tell me daughter.)   Some of my choices could have put me in very compromising situations but luckily, nothing detrimental has occurred and I seem to have good judgment in most humans 😅.  Each decision I made for myself has molded me into who I am today.  

Now, I'm not saying to go ahead and just take all the wrong routes and hopefully you will find your way out, no.   I'm saying be mindful of your surrounds and know what options you have before limiting those options.  There is a lesson in everything if you are really paying attention.  Be fully aware of the experience you had and extract every positive out of it.  Then assess the negative and break it down to its simplest form, so you are able to better understand why it was a negative and how you can make it into a positive next time.  If you do not learned anything from the result of your choices then you will continue going in circles trying to find a way out with the same direction.

 -Love Raya


11/08/16 marks the day we get a new president here in the USA.  Unless you've been under a rock, the candidates are Hilary Clinton (D) and Donald Trump (R).  If you have been following the race since the beginning you may be fed up and tired of the nonsense just as much as most of us but, this is what America has scrapped up as being the best options for this country.  I am not in favor of either one but, I still did my due diligence...

...someone call me when the ballots are all counted.  I'm tired.

UPDATE: 11/09/2016

Let's all just breathe and not get overwhelmed with however we feel about his outcome. 

I truly don't feel any differently than how I felt with any other election.  I'm still here, my enthusiasm is still the same, I still sent my kids to school, I still came to work.  I'm not in the armed services, so I cannot speak on how this may effect them but, as for me and my immediate family, the presidency has never majorly impacted us.  I still plan to live my life and raise my children the same way.  

I'm seeing a lot of pain and anger from my friends and family about this but, let's examine this.  The Republican Party was and still is in control of the House and the Senate, so how ever your life was 1 year ago, will pretty much be the same today.  One person does not change how you decide to live, you are still in control of your life and are still able to decide how you want your future to be. 

I am still going to climb the ladder professionally and financially, Donald nor Hilary was going to stop that for me and I'm sure neither one can or could have made it easier for me.

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Anonymous said…
I'm sure you know by now. It's really disheartening.
Raya L. said…
Don't let this election hinder how you feel about yourself or your plan in life. I still plan to carry on the same way. I'm sure people felt the same way the last 8 years. The tables are just turned now. Certain people felt they were 'forgotten' and 'taken for granted'....while others feel that way all the time.

If we plan to live and build here, then this is what it is for us. The only thing we can do a pull the best out of it.

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