Don't Ignore It

About 3 1/2 years ago when I was actually open to dating and considering a new relationship, I came across a man who looked good on paper...tall, stable, hard working, family oriented, yet his style was a bit questionable, overall he seemed like a good guy.

We dated for a short period of time until I noticed he had some control issues.  The highlighted text is just a glimpse of the things he would say.  He was never physically rough with me, it was just verbal.  He would make racially offensive comments on top of possessive statements but, I stopped communication with him early enough to avoid any possibility of things getting worse. 

And this just maybe the way he speaks to people, I don't know.  He has been divorced twice though, but he never said what occurred in those marriages to cause the divorce.

It's been almost 2 years since I last told him not to contact me anymore and he still continues.  I completely stopped responding to him since then.  I do not ever plan to see or speak to him again, so he can continue to text and call all he wants to.  There will be no response.

Sometimes when a woman pushes or walks away, it is not an invitation for a man to continue to pursue her.  Especially when she tells you several times in several different ways that she does not want to be involved with you any longer.  Or when she says she is not interested in you, that doesn't mean, "Try harder."

Ladies, just because a man continues to give you attention, doesn't mean he has the best intentions for you.  Sometimes we get roped into what a man does for us and what he is able to give us that we ignore the warnings.  He wanted me to move in with him, he wanted our families to blend.  Everything in his plan was what he wanted.  Even before I stopped seeing this guy, I let him know I was not comfortable with some of the things he would say; he laughed it off and did not take me seriously.  He made it seem like I was being too sensitive and couldn't take a joke.  I did not see his aggressive words as a joke and he did not consider this at all.  I did not have that much patience to see if things would be different and I was not going to continue dating someone who was unable to see me as an equal partner or take my concerns seriously.  I last saw this man before the holidays in 2014.  Don't ignore your own feelings just to get a ring.

- Love Raya


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Anonymous said…
He keeps texting you because he knows he missed out. That dumbass shouldn't be talking to you like that. No man should ever make a woman less valued. This pissed me off. You're not even the kind of woman any many should be disrespecting.

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