Love People

I came across this photo on my Instagram feed and immediately loved it. 

When making genuine personal connections in life and sometimes a few professional connections, it's not always necessary to require a return of what you give.

The idea of "Don't put in effort for someone who does not put in effort for you." limits your ability to the world, to yourself.  Yet, you can be selective with who you shoot for the stars for.  You can choose who you want to give to and how much you are willing to give.

If you are dating or beginning to know someone, there is nothing wrong with putting a lot of effort to show them you care.  You also are not required to continue putting in that same effort, especially if you are having second thoughts about the person.  The idea is you proved that you are caring and capable, whether or not it was appreciated.

If you cross a mountain once for someone, that's good enough.  You can decide not to do it again, or to cross a different mountain for someone else.  The actions of love and consideration should not be filtered.  It is a behavior that grants you the strength and courage to cross boundaries for those you hold dear to your heart.  

I do a lot for my friends; it's not because I expect anything in return, I just truly want to see them smile.  If they never do for me, it's okay.  I am still able to love.

The universe will reward me abundantly. 

-Love Raya


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