I Like My Solitude

My friends really get on me about this...I love you guys for caring...I just have that "relationship" switch in my brain turned off with a strip of duck tape holding it down.  My life is about maintaining balance right now, I don't need someone to come in and adjust anything throwing my equilibrium off.  And I'm not the only one.  Many of the single women I know are very much focused on other aspects of their lives; a man just happens to be last "accomplishment" on the list. 

2017 is about to begin and I have a whole new "to-do" list that I need to be sure I complete. ✔

Men get focused on their own lives too and don't want to be detracted by a relationship.  In fact some men get roped into relationships and not fully be in the relationship because his mind is more directed on work and retirement.  Just like I don't want half his attention, I don't want to give him half my attention either.  I don't want a disconnect with my partner.  

If we are building together, then that's a plan that will require a very thorough discussion before going that route, until then, I am going this way.  ↗

Look, I'm not playing with you men. If you cannot add more virtue to my life, you won't make it with me.  I refuse to allow some f*ck boy come into my life and see everything I have built and think to himself, "Hmmm...she's already done all the work, let me just sit my stuff here and reap all her benefits." NO SIR YOU WILL NOT!  If you don't already have things in place to accommodate the life you want, then do not dare expect me to have it done for you.

My preference of solitude can become more of a curse than I see as a gift but, you are going to have to be an amazing man for me to step off my pedestal.  Would you not rather have a woman who has your same drive and ambitious nature?  You two would be unstoppable.  But, if you are not at her same caliber...

- Love Raya

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Although, at times...

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Anonymous said…
That picture of you! Wow!
Raya L. said…
That's not me, it's my stunt double.

Just kidding. Thank you!

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