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Those of us who are on social media, we get bombarded by quotes, meme, and videos about how to find the "right person" and maintain a happy relationship.  It's all cocka-mamie bs.  Yes, the messages are intended to be helpful and allow you to generate thoughts about relationships but, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT.  We love differently, we show affection differently, we perceive others differently...and this all has to do with our previous experiences.  How I may show my interest to a man can very well be different from how another woman shows her interest. 

The messages we see are our timelines or news feed are inspirational to some and questionable to others...

Exhibit A: 

Exhibit B: 

Exhibit A gives you the idea that if a woman gives a man the husband treatment without having a ring first, he should keep her (*still doesn't mean she'll become his wife)...I know of few of my friends are spitting nails about this idea...while Exhibit B tells you that as much as one woman can do for a man, it doesn't guarantee her a ring...I am more of an Exhibit B woman. ➞ You can do everything in your energy to show him you can be a good wife but, if he's not showing you he can be a good husband or not giving you any notion that he wants to be YOUR husband...then you've fallen in love with his potential.

I not saying you shouldn't read the quotes or not watch the relationships videos and feel good about them, I am just saying to be realistic about the type of person YOU are, who he is, and what YOU want.  What you are willing to compromise is all up to you.  The decisions or changes you make should be alongside his but again, we are all different, how the two of you agree to make your relationship work will not always match how another couple makes their relationship thrive.  It's a 50/50 partnership with both of you putting in 100% the effort.

- Love Raya


I've pretty much been hibernating this holiday season...

...and getting ready for 2017
because 2016 had me like this ⇩⇩

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